Country Goodness

I'm on vacation this week so I took a (five long ass hour) bus ride home on Tuesday morning. Home. Aka Upstate, NY. Aka the country. Aka beers cost less than a New York City newspaper and you know the cow shit plops by name. But it does bring with it some pretty scenery and a lot of great wineries. Aka COUNTRY preferred hash tag as of late. It's funny how when you're pushing 18 you can't wait to get your scrawny ass out of your hometown and into the new and exciting world of college. But as soon as you hit that imaginary age of adulthood you find yourself wandering back to the comfort, the normal, the people that "get" you, the simplicity.

Like the snow goose I woke up to yesterday morning just hangin' out on my pond. Silly things happen to your brain when you wake up to him outside your window instead of the bum rummaging for loose change and burnt french fries left next to the McDonald's two blocks down. Life looks pretty good for the little goosey. That is until Upstate New York decides you've had enough sunshine for the past hour and starts spitting chunks of snow on you and poor little goosey has a cold caboosey.

My dad walked inside a few minutes later asking me if I wanted to go to the winery down the road. You all can imagine what my answer was... They were having a 30% off sale so obviously my family needed to go buy a case, or two, or three. Minor details really in the Gray household. 

Ten minutes and $299 later we did exactly what this pretty sign said. Wine-o's may get drunk a lot but they sure know how to take an order when they see one. Now if only they were selling some that said "Drink wine here" with an arrow pointing to my front door. A girl can dream.

After the winery I took a trip around the corner to go visit the grandparentals. I ended up teaching my Grama how to text in T9 on her cell phone (can we even call a track phone from 2002 a cell phone?) so that she can take 25 minutes to text me "Welcome home" instead of 85. Bless her heart, she really is the greatest thing.

After being offered everything in the fridge by Gram I decided to take a little field trip over to the waterfall a couple minutes away from my house. This is one of those things I took for granted when I was a snot-nosed brat growing up. This thing is magnificent. It's taller than Niagra. And it's in my own backyard, damnit. Ah-mazing. 

And obviously no trip home is complete without a little photo sesh with the baby girl. Girl knows more tricks than a veteran pole dancer, I kid you not. Sit down, lay down, back up, roll over, roll the other way, balance seventeen bones on your nose, balance a whole dinner plate on your head, write my blog post for me. Okay, that last one was a lie...but I'm workin' on it.

And after a splendid couple of days home I am now off to Washington D.C. for the weekend to visit cousins and stay with my bestest bud on a rose and her brand spankin' new fiancé. Ahh! I still get so excited thinking about her being an engaged lady. I'll be back Monday with a full recap of all my political drinking and frolicking around the capital shenanigans. I'd stop by SCOTUS and give them a piece of my mind but a stumbling twelve year old might not do too much to persuade anyone. Anyway, cheers to beers, bunnies, and a Hoppy Easter weekend ladies!

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