Brooklyn We Go Hard

I live in New York City. Duh you all know this by now. But I technically should just say "I live in Manhattan" because you won't find me venturing out to any of the other boroughs too often. We have five of them and I have been to them all but I could probably sit down and tell you each time Ive done it. 

For instance...

Staten Island: I've only been once. I took the ferry to go to dinner at this amazing restaurant where grandmothers from all different countries come and cook their home specialties. It was AH-mazing.

The Bronx: Yankee games. I have never been for any other reason. Ever.

Queens: I actually lived there with a family friend the first few months after moving here while I was still in college interning at Donna Karan. And the only time I visit now is to see friends who live in Astoria (and go to the beer garden, duh).

And lastly...

Brooklyn: 1) To go to IKEA. 2) To look at an apartment three years ago (in some shady area and quickly returned straight back to the subway and my safe haven of Manhattan). And 3) To a couple parties at friend's apartments. But out of any of the other boroughs in the city, this is the one that is the most intriguing. It is quickly becoming just as expensive to rent here as it is in Manhattan. There are a ton of trendy bars and restaurants. And there are some pretty cool people living there. So I've been trying to find some fun things to entice my little Manhattanite heart into taking the train over there and checking it out.

This led me to hit up one of my fabulous sponsors Vicki (who just so happens to live there) to give me her top five favorite things to do in the BK. And now my work is done because she did a great job at it. Let's take a look at what we all should be doing whenever we visit Brooklyn shall we?



I love my city. I seriously do not think there is a greater place to live than NYC. But what I love even more then the city (or Manhattan for you non-New-Yorkers ... hehe) is where I live: BROOKLYN! There are so so so many amazing things to see and do here in Brooklyn. When I was compiling a list for this post it was hard to cut that list down to just five places/things. But I did it! And without further ado: Here are my top 5 favorite things about Brooklyn:

1. Brooklyn Heights Promenade - This is probably one of my favorite places in Brooklyn. Not only is the view spectacular (I am a born & raised New Yorker, but I still am in awe of our skyline, every time I look at it, especially all lit up at night, I get goosebumps), but The Promenade also has a special sentimental meaning to it for me. Mike and I shared our first kiss at the Promenade right under the Brooklyn Bridge overlooking that gorgeous skyline. I think it is one of the most romantic spots in all of New York. Over the years we have gone back to the Promenade many, many times and it is still one of my favorite ways to spend time together - walking along the Promenade, sitting on a bench and just enjoying the view ... I swear there is something electrifying about that place!


2. Song - This is seriously one of my FAVORITE restaurants in Brooklyn. It is a Thai restaurant in Park Slope and it is seriously amazing. The food is simply delicious and it has a pretty cool vibe to the place too! The bar, although small, can get very crowded at night! I cannot believe I don't have any pictures in there (or if I do I can't find them at the moment #fail) ... but seriously, so delicious!

3. Lola's Boutique - One of my faaaaaaaaaaaavorite places to shop! I love places that have unique, fun items that I'm not going to see a million other girls wearing! Lola's is great, they have adorable trendy tops and a jewelry collection that could make this arm-candy-loving girl feel like she's in heaven! Best part? You don't have to come to Brooklyn to shop as they do have an online store and will ship anywhere! (Although, their online collection does tend to be smaller then what they have in-store!)

4. Skinflints - OMG - this place is amazing ... Mike and I go here a lot ... I always alternate between a bacon cheddar burger or a half rack of ribs with mash potatoes and gravy ... So so delicious! It's also pretty popular as a bar, although we tend to always go for dinner and order a drink or two at the table, but another cool place to have a drink or two and relax!

5. L&B Spumoni Gardens - Known to Brooklynites simply as L&B. People come from far and wide to taste their famous pizza, and of course, their spumoni ice cream. It gets pretty crowded, especially in the summer time as everyone wants to sit outside and enjoy their yummy treats! Their square slices are like none other, although many places try to replicate it, I have yet to find any that have succeeded in being nearly as good as L&B's!


So obviously I need to go grab myself some Thai food, eat a yummy ice cream cone, and pound a beer or two at the Skinflint bar. If that doesn't sound like heaven to you then you must have left your brain back in The Bronx. Or something. Thanks to Vicki for coming by today and enticing me to get out of my comfort zone. You can go check her out and say hi to over here

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