A Wine Fueled Girl

Happy Saturday everybody! Today I have a special little lady coming to play for the day. Her name is Brie and she's been one of my biggest blog supporters for the past few months. I am delighted to have her here answering some questions I threw at her recently. 


1. If you could only live in one place for the rest of your life where would it be?
Well Ms. Erin von Fancy Pants, don't judge I'm a little cracked up on cold medicine, I would want to live in Manhattan. I know I'm soooo original, haha, but I'm speakin the truth. I mean I guess I would like to live in England but my heart is in the big ol NYC. My first few years were spent in a lovely apartment on the corner of Seaman Ave and Cumming Street in Inwood. It's a real place, look it up. I've written about it before my love for that beautiful city and I would say if I could some how make it up there my life would be pretty complete.

2. What is the most important piece of blog advice you would give?
Just say Screw It. Now now, unbunch those panties, I mean when you sit down to write just say screw it and write whatever your little heart desires. I have some of the most random posts on my page that have maybe 3 views and no comments but those posts I actually enjoyed writing. Yes, you might get those Bitch McGees out there who want to just bash you and be all snarky with their anonymous comments but don't worry. Those are the ones I like to picture sitting in their basement naked on a bean bag chair eating Cheetos. Hold on, I'm not saying I SEE them naked...I just know they are. Anyhooser....write for you, write because you want to, write like you don't care that millions of people might stumble across that post.

3. Sweet or Salty?
Ummm....hmmmm....interesting. I'm a huge fan of fries...BUT I'm a huge fan of peanut butter cups. I can't pick...you pick for me. I'll be happy with whatever you want to give me.

4. When your alarm goes off in the morning what is the first thing you do?
In my head I'm screaming fuk at the top of my lungs but I don't actually say it out loud because my apartment walls are a bit thin. I then make myself a blanket cave and just lay under there for a bit as I feel my cat stepping on my ribs wanting into the cave for a 5 second cuddle before she decides she hates me again and runs away. Oh, then I feed the dog.

5. What would you say is the quirkiest quality about you?
Hahaha well if you haven't noticed yet I'm a little sarcastic and a little bit of a snark. I enjoy my sense of humor but there are times when it does get me in trouble. I'm that kid that used to sit next to my grandma at mass whispering about how I really think they need to make flavored Jesus wafers because I felt he would be a little more flavorful. This resulted with my grandma chuckling and then elbowing me in the ribs. I was 12 so I was forgiven.


Want to know my favorite part? The corner of Seaman and Cumming aves. I mean is that real life? You can go check out more of her shenanigans over at her blog Wine Fueled Girl. Just be ready to hear it straight and get her most honest opinions on everything from men to family issues because this girl does not hold back. And that's exactly what I love about her. Thanks for playing today girlfriend!

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