Let's Get Together (and win some Sephora)

Calling all Manhattanites / bridge and tunnel crew / Northern New Jersians / anyone who wants to get on a plane and come to the greatest city in the world: Let's get together shall we? I think it's rather ridiculous that I've met some amazing ladies who I talk to on the regular who live right here in the city that I have never met. It's about time we change that. 

I would love to do a brunch or a happy hour of some sort on Saturday April 6th with anyone else that would be up for a little fun and excitement with some blog buddies. I really just pulled this date out of my ass this morning so if you absolutely can't make it that day but could the next weekend then let me know and I can gather a consensus on what works best for everyone. So if you'd like to get your blate on then send me a little note to twothirdshazel (at) gmail (dot) com so that I can get to planning this shindig. P.S. I will hunt you down if I know you live here and don't email me just to let you know that you're breaking my heart. Just saying.

Calling all non Manhattanites: You're really bummed that you can't come to the blate but want something just as exciting instead? I've got you covered. You're about to meet my friend Darlene who blogs over at Young Mammatales and she's giving away a $25 giftcard to Sephora. See, I wouldn't leave you hanging out to dry. Now run along and check her out so that you can win!


Hi guys! I'm Darlene fromYoung Mamma Tales. I currently live in Denver with my husband and two littles (a ridiculously hilarious  5 year old and insanely adorable 10 month old) but have plans in the works to move back to Sweden in the hopefully near future. 

My husband is currently making me watch a David Letterman rerun (who records David Letterman?) and his Top Ten is on so I'm going to share with you lovelies the Top Ten things you should know about me in case you decide you want to be besties? K? And trust me, you want to be besties with me, if you are we might end up taking an amazing European vacay with me like two of my HS bff's and I did two summers ago.

That's me in the red flowered dress
10. You need to be okay with long distance/virtual relationships because we move a lot and chances are I won't stick in one place too long. I've lived in, Florida, South Carolina, The Virgin Islands, Sweden, Bali, and Iowa (that's all before I was a teenager) and all over Denver, and back to Sweden in the past few years. And hopefully we will be making an international move as a family soon.

9. You need to be okay with me sharing cute/funny/horrifying/embarrassing stories about my kiddos because they are pretty much the best.

8.You should probably like fashion, because I do. A lot. You won't see any mom jeans over here! But you will see a lot of yoga pants. So. You have to be okay with those as well.

7. I'm brutally honest. Sorry, but I'm not sorry. I'm the friend that if you are trying on a fugly shirt at H&M and ask my opinion, I'll tell you to burn it. Like I said, brutally honest. BUT I'll usually only give my opinion if asked, so there's that at least. 

6. I'm sorta obsessed with photography. So I'll be that annoying girl shoving a camera in your face while you are taking a bite of dinner and taking pictures of my food before I eat it. But I'm nice and won't use those pictures as black mail. Promise. Unless you piss me off. Then bets are off.

5. I was 20 when I got pregnant with Jasper. We were sophomores in college and NO it wasn't planned (I actually get asked that a lot) seriously what 20 year old would voluntarily sign up for stretch marks and saggy boobs? 

4. Tindra on the other hand was planned. And yes I totally want more babies! People often seem confused about this one, they think since I have one of each I should want to be done but NOPE!

3. I married my best friend 2 years ago. Yeah if you did the math that means we had our 3 year old at our wedding. We do things a little backwards around here and we are totally fine with hat. 

2. I'm Super determined. If I want something BAD enough, it will happen. Like when we decided to study abroad with a toddler. People told us we were cray cray and there was no way we could actually study abroad with a child, we said screw you and did it. Here is a little recap of those 7 months. 

1. Sephora is one of my favorite stores. And I'm a giver. SO one of you lovely ladies are going to have a chance to win a gift card from my favorite store. So enter and come by and say HI, maybe we will wind up BFF's!

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