A Few Friday Confessions

1. I'm really getting sick and tired of people not saying thank you when I hold the door for them. There is no law saying I have to take an extra ten seconds out of my day to hold the door while you trot yourself along...it is a courtesy that I am bestowing on your ungrateful ay ess ess, so the least you can do is have the decency to utter two words to thank me for doing so. Anddd....end rant.

2. I want to punch a pony when I see a cop talking texting while driving. (I guess we're not done ranting) Why is it acceptable for them to be crossing an intersection in their patrol cars with iPhone clear as day in their hands while tapping away at it? Have they taken some test proving that they are better drivers in this sort of situation than the average cup of joe? Are they less likely to smack into me while I cross the street (while also tapping away at my phone)? Didn't think so.

3. I actually thought I floated up to heaven while experiencing Benihana for the first time last night. Something about a cute little Asian man flipping eggs and setting onions ablaze in front of me really gets me going. But forget tossing my food at me to try to make me catch it in my mouth. No coordination over here for this little lady. I really prefer to see it all go in my mouth instead of dribbling to the floor. This is starting to sound a little PG13 and I'm only 12 so let's move on...

4. I've begun to realize that March is my favorite of the months. St. Patrick's Day aka "Erin Forever Day", the beginning of baseball aka "Yankee Season", March Madness aka "Let's go Cuse", and the start of non-negative temperatures outside aka "Colorful clothing comes out of hiding". Bring. It. On. Oh and this month also means a whole brand new set of shining faces on my sidebar to ooh and ahh at too! I must say that they're a lovely little bunch of coconuts so go check 'em out.

5. I have had a strawberry banana smoothie every damn day for the past week. And I'm still not sick of them. I know exactly what goes in them because I'm the one making them yet I still can't seem to believe that they're actually good for me. I realize these aren't your fancy shmancy kale/spinach juices (barf!) but I'm used to being addicted to craptastic foods so the fact that I'm obsessing over something that won't cause my arteries to collapse in two years? Fan-flippin-tastic I say.

P.S. Twitter has finally let me back into the real world! @twothirdshazel is alive and well after being suspended for its first two days of life. It was a dark and depressing two days without you all in my newsfeed but I've somehow managed to survive. So come say hi to me on my new handle so that you can make my day feel like it's filled with unicorns and rainbows! And because if you were following my old account you are now blocked so you won't be able to see any of my ramblings anywhere if you don't. And because you'll get another entry in my giveaway. So basically what I am saying is that it's a no brainer.

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