A Dream of Mine

Ever since I was little I have been obsessed with fonts, designs, color combinations, logos, etc. 

Doodling was my first step through this doorway. My notebooks were filled in school. I have pages and pages plastered with my name written in seventeen hundred different ways. 

Then AIM came and I spent a better portion of my nights hogging up the phone line perfecting my info. Aligning the initials of all my best friends on the right side with strategically placed parenthesis. Quotes in the prettiest of coral colors on the left side mixed with my favorite sports team floating somewhere in the middle. It was an obsession. And I'd like to think that I had the best damn looking AIM info around town. True story - this does give me pride. Judge away friends.

Then I went to college and made collages of my favorite pictures and cut outs from magazines the entire summer before so that I could have the prettiest dorm room. Each image was pieced into the puzzle of the canvas perfectly. See them all on my dorm room wall?

Someone asked me what my dream job was sometime around there too and it was always "The person who gets to lay out all of the fonts and pictures in magazines - you know the one that gets to create flowers out of makeup and organize all of the clothes in a cohesive way and all that." I had no idea what that person was called, I just knew that I wanted to be it. You can see that this never happened...

Then Polyvore came along and I started putting together outfits and random collages of things online. 

I spent hours picking out pictures, moving things a centimeter this way, a millimeter that way. Perfecting these things is fun for me, so much fun that I was doing this instead of my day job. Time flew when I was doing it, and I enjoyed myself the entire time.

And now I'm here in Blogland and the obsession with all things creative and designy has increased ten fold. All of you blog designers and your amazing creations. I want to be you! I absolutely loved designing my own blog's layout and mixing the fonts and colors to make it perfect. 

But I did it all in some bootleg version of Microsoft Paint (gasp!). So now it is my side dream to be able to do all of that fancy stuff - but for real, with legit programs. This is one of the main reasons I took the leap and bought a brand new mac. Plus I just recently donwloaded all of the CS6 programs and video tutorials so that I can learn. And slowly but surely I will get there. At least lets hope. If you have any tips/advice/or tricks please send them my way!

One of the lovely little ladies that has inspired me is Lindsey from Creatively Classy. She's basically living out my dream and I'm so excited for her. She's here to tell you her story and introduce you to her own dream baby.



{That's how Aggies say hello - well, us and John Wayne}

My name is Lindsey and surprise - this is a guest post! What does that even mean you say? Well here's my definition...

Since you came all the way over here to get your daily dose of the funnier than funny Miss Erin, don't click X just yet!!! 

Let's get the essentials out of the way, shall we?

Now, let's get down to business... 

Speaking of business -- I have one, well a side one. Just a small one, but one just the same right?

Until now I haven't really put it out there for people to see -- kind of stupid, as a business needs business to stay afloat. {sub-conscience sabotage?}

So here we are - and I am still rambling like an idiot because the idea of putting this out there is kind of scary - BUT, I am a grown ass woman damnit so...ladies and more ladies gentlemen, I introduce to you

The best part about blogging is the gal pals {virtual and real life} and their support, so support away :)

Just kidding, but seriously I started working in graphic design in high school and helped pay for college by doing desktop publishing. In college I started doing custom design work on the side and fell even more in love with fonts, layouts, color and other nerd things!

Side note: Want super cute free fonts?! Check out this post!

As I started building my business - very s.l.o.w.l.y - I found that I don't like running a business! 
{Can't I just hire someone to do that part - Like my husband?}

I just want to do the creative stuff - not taxes, bank accounts, contracts...gag me. 

But after a year, I am finally here and whether this stays on the side or takes center stage one day I couldn't be happier! 

So thanks to Erin for letting me steal her space for the day and many many thanks to y'all for listening to me rant about my passion!

And please check out my new Etsy Shop! And website!

 *FYI - There is NOT a giveaway happening soon and it will NOT include Creatively Classy freebies ;)

See you later Erinites!
- Lindsey Nicole