10 Prizes - 1 Winner

It's that time of the month ladies! A time of the month that is much more exciting and magical than that "other" time of the month. Unless that is you like gross friends coming to visit your pants each month. And if that's the case then you're not a normal human being and you should probably exit the premises. And quickly.

Now that we've gotten that awkwardness out of the way... 

I'd like to show you what you could win without having to fork over a dime, just a small amount of your precious time (and a large amount of mine after putting this thing together). And let's face it, today is Friday and all you're going to be doing is staring at the clock and procrastinating in every possible way you know how. So spend a little of that time perusing through my fabulous sponsors and what they're so graciously handing over to one of you lucky lady cats. It'll be fun. Not as much fun as shutting you computer down at 5:00 and cracking open a beer will be, but fun none the less. Just go with it.

Alright, let's check out what you could win already. And P.S. if you'd like to be a part of April's group giveaway then email me so that I can let you know what I have left for sponsorships. There aren't many left so move quickly! 

Becca - $15 gift card to Starbucks

Ashley - $10 Ulta gift card

Ashley - $10 gift card to Target

Lindsey - Thank you cards from Etsy shop

Brittany - $10 gift card to Amazon

Brittany - $10 gift card to Starbucks

Lindsey - Three months of large ad space

Lindsey - $10 gift card to Bed Bath & Beyond

Beth - XL ad space ($20 value)

Maria - $10 Starbucks gift card

Now go enter your little hearts out!

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