What Superlative Would You Win Today?

We all remember the superlative section of our senior yearbooks, right? Yeah well we're not going to be discussing the ones we were awarded back then. Instead, we're coming up with some that would fit our personalities today. Whether they're serious or silly -  let's spill 'em.

So without further adieu, I nominate myself for being most likely to...

Stop on the street to pet every puppy in site whenever slightly intoxicated

Eat 400 tator tots in one sitting and still not be satisfied

Have her bra come undone in the most awkward of situations

Want to become a housewife

Use a spoon for things that are generally eaten with a fork and vice versa

Look like a twelve year old for the rest of her life

Have a freakishly clean room that would give an OCD sufferer a run for their money

Never work out a day in her life

Order three things on the menu because she can never decide on just one

Have crushes on more actresses than actors

Be obsessed with wedding shows but be the last to get married

Frolic around the streets of Manhattan in nothing but a tutu

Have watched all 25 (holy hell) seasons of The Bachelor/ette

Be too scared to let any limbs hang off the edge of the bed because they might get bitten off

Turn a guy down if he knows nothing about sports

Wear heeled boots into the forest to go cut down a Christmas tree

Now it's YOUR turn! What superlatives would you give your current self?
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