Weekend Update

Now that we're about five days behind I thought I'd share a little of my Valentine's Day with you all. It's never too late to let a little love in your life, right? The majority of the day consisted of crafting (shocking) so that I could create a cute little man bouquet for my Valentine. It was somewhat of a pesky project because I was running around the city searching for things to add to it and then once I had all of the things they decided to not want to hug it out with the hot glue and stay on the sticks (longest run-on sentence ever). Sigh. But eventually it turned out really cute and Valentine thought that I had actually purchased it somewhere so I'll take that as a win for Team Erin.

The other part of my gift included all of the ingredients to make s'mores! He recently moved into an amazing new apartment that has a fireplace IN his room so we had been talking about attempting to build a fire and cook some over it for awhile. So I hauled some logs into a cab and trucked them down to his apt (because that's the way we do things in Manhattan) and decided to make it happen. 

I even called the landlord to make sure the thing did in fact work so that we wouldn't burn the entire building down and he gave me the go-ahead. So after an amazing dinner we came home and I pulled my tray of Vday goodness out of the closet that they had been hiding in all day. He was pretty shocked wondering how the hell I had gotten them there without him knowing. But a magician never reveals his her tricks so we'll just go with the fact that I'm amazing. 

After a few pat on the backs for pulling the little surprise off we got down to our woodsy business and got to work building the fire. Crumpled up the newspapers, stacked the smaller kindling pieces around those, the bigger logs around those, opened up the draft, etc. You know all those 4H skills that I've kept in my back pocket since my Girl Scouts days. As soon as we got the thing going I realized the smoke wasn't going up the chimney and was instead pouring into his room and up the stairs to the higher level of the apartment. No good. Smokey the Bear would not have been pleased. I honestly thought about sticking a marshmallow in there real quick before we had to put it out but there was just no time. My entire life was shattered and Valentine's Day was ruined. Kidding. We ate all the ingredients anyway and had a wonderful  first Vday together.

And there was also no way I could be at all sad because the next day he was taking me to Atlantic City! He rented a beamer and booked us a room at the Borgata for the weekend. First trip together > First fire making attempt together. I'd say Team Valentine beats Team Erin on this one. I was so excited I barely slept the night before. And I was too happy being there in the moment all weekend that I never took any pictures to document any of it. Oops! This was the only one I took the whole weekend while we were hanging out by the pool with beers in hand while he attempted to teach me Black Jack and Poker.

I'd like to say that I caught on to Black Jack rather quickly but I was still way too scared to gamble. I only played once for about thirty minutes on Friday night when he gave me his money to play with haha. Throwing cash around like that just isn't my thing. Especially when you have sixty year old New Jersey natives straight from the mafia sitting next to you. And especially when all that money could buy me quite a few Blue Moons or even a new pair of Hunter boots which you could still WIN OVER HERE! But besides being scared of gambling, being carded at least 20 (this is not a joke) times each night, and wanting to die from all of the cigarette smoke it was an absolutely amazing weekend. I came back the happiest little clam ever. Oh and something happened in Blogland in the middle of it all that made it just a tad bit better. I hit 1,000 GFC followers and it is still blowing my damn mind! I love you all.

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