Weekend Adventures

So remember that time when Disney Pixar's stock soared not because of a new movie release but because of a snowstorm? Yeah...about that. Why are we now naming our blizzards? Are we going to start attaching cartoon characters to economic recessions too? How about earthquakes, tornadoes, and volcanic eruptions? They've been feeling a little left out these past few years. They told me themselves.

Anyway, Nemo came. Obviously. And he just kept on swimming swimming swimming until early Saturday morning. I was obviously acting like a kid in footie pajamas on Christmas Eve in anticipation of all of it. I live for big events like these. We haven't gotten much snow in NYC the past couple years so I was all sorts of excited for it to fall down on us in a massive way. As soon as it started to stick I did what any mature adult would do in this situation...I drew Nemo on a mailbox.

I mean...what else would you expect from the twelve year old in me?

I got home Friday afternoon, found my roommate sitting on the couch with a glass of Skinny Girl marg in hand and knew we were heading straight to the bar. Irrational for most but that's the beauty of NYC...nothing closes because all we have to do is walk. So I cracked open some yummy goodness and warmed my bones to prepare for the chaos to ensue.

My toes were toasty and my Sangria was frozen.

After downing a few pitchers with a bunch of college friends at Stumble Inn (a genius name for a bar might I add) I headed back inside for a little snuggle sesh/Harry Potter movie marathon date. I mean, that's automatically what comes to mind for me when I hear "snowed in" so that's exactly what I did.

This was what it looked like at about 7:30pm Friday night when I got home from the bar.

I think I must have woken up every hour on the hour that night to peek out the window to check on the snow. Sure enough, every hour on the hour it had gotten worse better. I couldn't wait to wake up so we could get outside and play. And that's exactly what we did Saturday morning. I threw on the Hunters, grabbed a hot chocolate, and headed straight to Central Park.

This is Sheep's Meadow...aka the meadow where the city once kept sheep. Awesome.

They look a little stuck.

In NYC we measure in Starbucks cups, not inches. Two Grande's worth right here.

In case you didn't know what snow on trees looked like, here you are.

After trudging through Central Park for an hour my toes were dead. Apparently I should actually use those $40 wellies that the Hunter rep lady at Bloomies told me "I had to have". So we headed back to the apartment and had a snow day brunch filled with pancakes, strawberries sprinkled with powdered sugar, juevos rancheros, hot chocolate, biscottis, bacon, and the list goes on. Top that off with a few rounds of "Cards Against Humanity" and you'll have yourself one epic snow day. But I'm over it already. Bring on the tulips, floral scarves, and outdoor happy hours by April and nobody gets hurt.

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