These Are My Confessions

I confess...
That my daddio made my little blogger heart smile with this email last night.
But really...I'm funny, have a good grasp of life, and can spell?! Obviously I've made it folks.

Now onto some confessions via the gram feed because I'm way too lazy to come up with some real ones. Aka I forgot to write them down in my iPhone notes this week whenever I came up with anything I needed to confess to you all. Whoops.

I confess...
One: I actually welcome the snow with open arms because of my Hunters.
Two: I craved a root beer float every day for two weeks before finally caving.
Three: I only like ants on a log if there are no ants to be found anywhere. Disgusting little things.
Four: I am freakishly obsessed with strawberry banana smoothies.

I confess...
1: I have the cutest and smartest dogs on the planet and no one can prove me wrong.
2: I am 19 years old at a frat party yet look 9 years old at a middle school dance.
3: I've never gone on a bike ride around NYC but my dishes sure have.
4: I am SO super duperly proud of my Lil Broski for trying to quit smoking.

I confess...
1. Nothing makes me happier than stumbling upon random inspirational sidewalk drawings.
2. Nothing makes me skeeved out more than having to pee in bus bathrooms - Purell is a must!
3. The first thing I do upon arriving home is head straight to Target. I mean duh.
4. If I could curl my hair like this every day and make it stay you can but your buttons I would.

I confess...
1. Writing down my week's plans with my heart pen make them that much more exciting.
2. I think I should end every night of my life with a plate of strawberries and whipped cream.
3. This happy as all hell little hoodie needs to come say hello to me in my closet.
4. I was proud of myself for successfully concocting my first homemade smoothie yesterday.

Not following my randomnes on Instagram? Well come on over and join the party my friend!
Happy Oscars weekend to you all. May the best actor dress win.
P.S. If you're one of those people that would like to shove a pineapple up my ass for tweeting live about award shows then you should probably unfollow me on Sunday evening...just a forewarning.