The Real Me Via The Book Of Face

Today is Random Wednesday and there is nothing more random than the slew of pictures I've acquired on Facebook over the past several years. I noticed this over my many bouts of "I'm a real adult and no longer a college student multi-tasking funneling beers and scarfing down rolls of raw cookie dough on a Monday evening" bouts of depression that cause me to go through my old pictures in order to hold onto all of those memories. 
Longest. Sentence. Ever. Right. There.

I realized, though, that I seem to always be holding/riding some strange object in many of them. I'm not sure why this is a common theme in my life but I'm not really trying to debate it either. I'm just going to let the random awkwardness shine through in all of its fine glory for you today. Here we go.

Exhibit A: 
Riding a saddle attached to some sort of wooden structure in a bar in NYC 
and obviously needing to have my arms imitate such riding adventures.

Exhibit B: 
Me and Spongebob bonding at a sorority car wash
while my eyebrow gives Tierra's a run for its money.

Exhibit C: 
Sunglasses larger than my head while holding my hooha in an attempt to not piss my pants.
The latter still happens on a regular basis in my current life.

Exhibit D: 
So I stole an 80 year old passenger's scooter on the cruise ship. Oops.

 Exhibit E: 
Two point six and a half seconds later this baby ice cream bar
crashed to its untimely and horrifically tumultuous death. I was a sad Panda.

Exhibit F: 
Oh ya know, just hanging out in a shower in a dress that's shorter than my freakin' hairs.
Shaking my damn head.

Exhibit G: 
Asian bar manager doing God knows what with me.
I now realize how unbelievably creepy and awkward this entire situation is.

Exhibit H: 
He we go riding things again. This time it's my yard stick of sex on the beach. And here we go with the fake arm motions again. This time we might need to do a little workout with them.

And there you have it friends. One of the most random posts I've put together in quite some time.
Good thing I'm linking up with Shanna for it, huh?
Do you have any themes to your Facebook pictures or am I the lone ranger on this one?