The Not So Important Very Important Things

First off, I'd like to give a big welcome to all of my new readers! I'm so very excited to have you all over here from the Michael Kors giveaway. Obviously you have good taste in accessories so I guess I'll let you stick around for a little while. Kidding, kidding. But you should probably come back tomorrow because I'll be giving away something equally as amazing to on of you lucky ladies.

In order for you all of you to get to know me a bit better I thought I'd bring back an old post of mine (It's from about eleventy thousand years ago so most of you oldies haven't seen it either). These are all things that have no real importance in the grand scheme of life but are absolutely crucial in the grand scheme of me. Enjoy!

1. I prefer to drink slightly colder than room temperature water. None of this ice cold throat does not appreciate becoming numb just to get a little hydration in.

2. I only use shampoo on the roots of my hair and conditioner on the ends. My roots are greasier than a McDonald's griddle and my ends could probably start an electrical fire from all the static so this is a must.

3. Whenever I receive any notification on my iPhone I have to open it and close it just to make that red notification dot disappear. I don’t have to read the email/text, listen to the voice mail or check the sports update – I just have to get rid of that damn red dot.

4. I always count how many pages I have left to read in a chapter. I'll do it even if I am absolutely in love with a book to the point that I don't eat, pee, or sleep for 18 hours on end. I enjoy the stories, but the physical act of reading isn't so fun.

5. I refuse to watch scary movies and haven’t seen a single one since The Ring came out when I was 13. Samara haunted me and ruined my life after climbing out of that well. I slept on the top bunk of my (younger) brother’s bunk bed for a solid year after seeing that horrible movie. That way Samara could scratch his eyeballs out first and I'd be able to escape. I'm such a loving sister.

6. When eating a meal that has a protein, carb, and veggie I will always put a portion of all three onto my fork for each bite. Trust me - the sections don’t taste nearly as good separated.

7. I cannot leave my armpits in a vulnerable position when sleeping because someone could tickle them. My arms must be down by my sides; I can't rest them above my head.

8. I have to physically force myself to think of something else when people chew with their mouths open around me. I just don't understand how they don't notice that they're doing it. The smacking and sloshing of the spit? Kill me.

9. I refused to wear any type of pants (except leggings with stirrups) until the age of eight. My mother quickly learned to not meddle in my morning routine of dressing myself. Dresses all day erryday.

10. I don’t like bread or any doughy/flowery foods. And no this isn't some secretive diet gimmick...I haven’t liked any of that nonsense since I was little. Instead of a sandwich my Mom would pack turkey cold cuts in a zip-lock baggy for lunch. I only eat pizza if it's super thin crust and even then I probably won't love it. I cut my burgers with a fork and knife because I don’t like buns. And I don't really enjoy cakes, pastries, muffins, donuts, strudels, pies, etc.