Superlatives and a (B)reast In Peace Party

My senior year of high school ended almost six years ago. So did my days of being a sassy pants cheerleader, having a fully functioning and healthy liver, and having the ability to eat Dorito's for breakfast but that's all besides the point. Things are becoming harder and harder to remember as the years move on but one thing I'll never forget is the superlative section of our yearbook. 

It was the best part. I skipped over my senior portrait to get to them quicker than it took Leah from Teen Mom to get knocked up...again. And that, my friends, is quick (P.S. I may or may not have teared up for Corey because I love him). Anyway superlatives. My class voted me "Best Eyes" because of that whole pie chart birthmark thing going on in my eyeball. I was reminded of it a little while ago when some random dude noticed it and it got me thinking what I would be awarded these days.

Thus the "Superlative Yourself" link up was born. 

But we're not awarding each other (even though that might be fun), instead we're awarding ourselves. We're going to blog about those that we would get today, whether they're silly or serious.
For example: I would be awarded with "Most likely to use a spoon to eat foods that are generally eaten with fork."

The linkup will go live this Friday so get to thinking of things to "superlative yourself" with, grab the button for your post, spread the word, and come link up with me!

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink


So this is usually the blank area that I fill with a little introduction to get you intrigued to read a guest post from one of my fabulous sponsors.
But today, there is absolutely no reason for that because...

This is all that you need:

Guest posts
There's nothing more I right or am I right?
But hey, when you're trying to grow your blog, it's part of the game so bear with me folks.
Today I'm just another guest blogger trying to gain some new followers make new friends.
Please fall in love with me. 

In the spirit of Valentines Day & all things love, I figured what better way to learn about me than to learn about what I love

I love plastic surgeons.
Thanks to mine, I no longer have massive 15 pound breasts hanging from my chest.  That's right folks, I had a breast reduction last May & it has been LIFE. CHANGING. 
But they didn't go without a proper "(B)Reast In Peace" party.

I love dogs. 
In fact, I think my favorite thing about Instagram is seeing all the adorable puppy photos.
They make me smile.
Speaking of smiling, look at my pups face.

If this face doesn't make you smile there's something wrong with you.

I also love wine.
You know what I look forward to everyday?  Yes I said everyday.  Don't judge me.
I look forward to coming home after a long day at work to my husband & a cold bottle glass of vino.

This bottle I'm chugging; it's water.
.....or is it?

I'm also loving being a new homeowner.
Buying a home is like having a baby. Hear me out.
You have a baby. Your life is  now dedicated to that baby.  You have to clean the baby, dress it in the most adorable outfits you can find & your pocketbook becomes solely dedicated to that baby. 
You buy a house. You have to clean it, sweep the floors & polish the glass.
You spend countless hours slaving over every last detail, trying to find the most adorable things to decorate with & your pocketbook becomes solely dedicated to that house.

But in all seriousness, my husband and I are loving it. 
And maybe one of these days we'll have a baby to bring home to it.
Operative word being maybe.

And lastly, I love you.
I know, it sounds creepy. We haven't even been on our first date & I'm already saying the "L" word.
 But really, I do love my lady blogger friends. I think it's super cool to be able to meet new gals all across the world thru blogging. 
Listen, we all know women can be total bishes.  So when you come across those good ones
(via blogging & in "real life")

The ones who will travel from ALL over the United States to be there not only on your wedding day but for all of life's beautiful moments,
hold on tight!

And in closing, it's time I make my final attempt at making you fall in love with me.
 Who said money can't buy love?
  If you take a moment to check out my blog (Hell on Heels), I'm going to send a lucky winner shopping somewhere I think we all love:
Can I get an Amen?

Hop on over to (Hell on Heels) and get yourselves entered!


She's pretty freaking amazing right? I think if I got the chance to spend the day with one blogger she would be right at the top of my list. Her life just seems fun. Real freakin' fun. Plain and simple. I'm not sure how I luck out with getting the best ladies to sponsor my blog but they sure make it easy for me!

P.S. If you want to be one of those ladies and you didn't see yesterday's post then come check it out HERE because I changed up my advertisement options for all of you.