DIY Engagement Mug

Have a friend that just recently got engaged? Need a quick DIY gift to send to her and her new fiance? This craft is for you!

I took the quote from my favorite band ever The Lumineers. "Ho Hey" is my absolute favorite song right now so it was only fitting that I use the lyrics from it since they are completely lovey dovey and adorable for an engaged couple. One mug obviously says "I belong with you" and has her name on it and the other has "You belong with me" and has his name on it. I feel like it's a perfectly cute (and functional) "Yay for being engaged" gift for the two of them. I have to be honest in that I did think about keeping them for myself...but since I don't like coffee I figured it wouldn't get as much use with my beer and Riesling drinking habits.

How I did it:
Grab yourself two plain white ceramic mugs from Bed Bath & Beyond. Make sure you stop and pick out a brand new mason jar shaped tumbler for yourself while you're there too.

Arm yourself with an OIL BASED Sharpie. A lot of the tutorials for the original pins of these projects called for regular old Sharpies. But many of these tutorials also said that they ended up with a complete mess of a mug after a wash or two in the old sink. So I used an Oil based one instead because they are resistant to water and all is good in the least so far. I would still recommend hand washing instead of subjecting your precious creation to the high heat of a dishwasher.

Make sure you do the project in a place with a stove because as soon as you're done designing your you'll need one. After you're done drawing put mugs into the COLD oven. Turn it on to 350 degrees. Leave them in there for thirty minutes to let 'em cook. After the thirty minutes, turn off the stove but leave the mugs in there until they're completely cooled.

Very important: make sure you have "Ho Hey" playing on your iPhone through out the entire process. It'll really help your creative flow.