Once You Go Black...And A Hunters Winner!

There was that one time I stepped into Sephora to buy all of the products that bloggers keep raving about get my makeup done for free. Don't lie, you've all done it once in your lifetime. So I'm trying to look completely chill and nonchalant by scoping out random tubes of goop that I'll never buy waiting for an associate to come grab me and redo my face when I spot it. Boscia's Luminizing Black Mask...aka TAR...aka what all the cool beauty blog kids are talking about. 

So I decide to go against the norm and actually check it out for once. This is where I made my first mistake...but we'll get to that later. I ask the Sephora nazi if she recommends it and of course she starts nodding her head up and down asking how I've ever lived without it. 

A little water, a little face wash from from Target, a little dry off with a towel. That's how.

But whatever, I'm oddly enough in the mood to spend some money so I go ahead and buy the WHITE version of the mask instead (you know, just to throw the chick off a bit) yet she still insists on giving me a tiny pea sized sample of the tar as well. I get home and try the BLACK one out (you know, just to throw you all off a bit) and decide to review it for you. So here we go...P.S. this is NOT a sponsored post!

Disclaimer #1: This product will cause you to go cross-eyed if you choose to take a forward facing iPhone picture of yourself while using said product (see left). I suggest backing that ass camera up to receive a more sane look when attempting to demonstrate your mask (see right).

Disclaimer #2: You will absolutely not want to come in contact with anyone while wearing this product. Take me for example who decided it would be an absolutely swell idea to take the recycling out (like the good green citizen that I am) during the whole drying process. Yeah, your girl got more strange looks than a homeless man with his wang flopping out of his pee flap. Maybe they thought I went black and really didn't want to go back? I'm not quite sure.

Disclaimer #3: This shit HURTS! I am the biggest baby you'll ever meet (seriously I'd probably bruise even if you Facebook poked me) but I tell no lies when I say this killed like a mofo during the peel off process. I think this is probably because I have teensy little baby hairs in random places that Boscia apparently thought I could do without...but hot damn man. That hurt Charlayyy.

Disclaimer #4: This is the most important of the disclaimers so get your eyeballs ready. I despised the product and would never even come close to wanting to purchase the whole bottle for 38 bucks. Yes my face did feel smooth after peeling the mask off but my face feels smooth if I rub a Walmart washcloth over it too, and that right there would cost me a buck. No the pores on my nose did not seem to be de-junktified of the dirt trapped in them. And one day later I was breaking out in areas that had never seen a blemish in their lifetime. Girlfriend was not a happy camper when those suckers decided to set up shop over my Valentine's weekend in AC.

Conclusion: Go to Sephora and ask for the little sample of the stuff before you purchase the full bottle. They give you enough to do a complete mask so it just makes sense to test it out and not jump the gun just because every beauty guru tries to shove it up your ass.


The Hunter Boots Giveaway has officially ended and we officially have an official winner! 

I would just like to give a giant shout out to all the amazing ladies who helped me in my first ever "big blogger prize" giveaway. I had so much fun putting it together with all of you, especially since it's a prize I am absolutely head over heels in love with.

I would also like to thank everyone who entered because you knocked my wellies off. Over 6,500 entries were received - holy Beluga whale that is a crap ton!

So without further adieu the winner of a free pair of classic boots is...
Congratulations girlfriend, I hope you're excited to be receive a free pair of fabulousness!