I Have a Confession to Make

Sometimes I have to remind myself to get my ass off the couch and go do something.

Such a simple statement, such an easy task, yet there are so many days that I don't listen. I don't listen to myself or to the calls from the great adventure outside that this amazing city lays out for me daily. I get stuck in a rut - a daily robotic loop of the same thing. Wake up, shower, hope to remember to brush my teeth, stuff some cheerios into my mouth, work, come home, attempt to not burn dinner, plop down on the couch, manhandle the DVR, wash my face (if it's a good day), pass out, repeat. 

Over and over it plays. Until I get to the point that I force the record to break and rearrange the pieces. I wake up. I stop sleepwalking through life. I force myself to do something different. I experience the simple joys of the world that await us around every corner. I get out there and live.

I threw on my sneakers, who probably screamed at the sight of daylight after having not been worn for seventeen months (tisk tisk Erin, tisk tisk), threw some "Imagine Dragons" onto the iPhone and walked my butt to the East River of Manhattan. It wasn't much. And it surely wasn't anything I'll write down in my diary (oh wait I'm doing that right now) but it was something other than making bff's with my couch and cable box. It's rather amazing (and somewhat sad) how something as simple as taking a walk could completely fix my somber mindset. 

Maybe it was the fact that I randomly stumbled upon it and I felt somewhat like Harriet The Spy going on adventures around the city. Maybe it was the car fumes from every millionth car on the FDR passing me by. Or maybe it was just because I did something other than the norm. Broke out of the routine, got off my ass, experienced something new, and simply lived. It felt good my friends.

Do you find yourself stuck in a robotic rut? What do you do to escape it?

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