Getting A Little Intimate

Not that kind of intimate kids, come on now. I mean I was recently informed that my Grama occasionally peeks in on this little corner of the dot com world so I can't get too vulgar. Or maybe I should so she'll refuse to read? Anyway, she's concerned that I'm putting too much of my personal life out here for all of you so if you could do me a solid and try to not do anything too scandalous with the pointless random information I feed you daily that'd be splendid. But back to the intimates and back to feeding you more personal nonsense about myself...

Did you know that there's some silly fact out there that 99.9% of the female population wears the incorrect bra size? Okay, so I forgot the actual percentage and made this one up but just work with me here. The point is that most of us wear the wrong bra all day everyday. Gasp! How have we ever survived?

Apparently I am one of the 99.9%...that is until yesterday anyway. Thanks to the miracle workers at Victoria's Secret I now know my correct size and let me tell you...surprise is the understatement of the century. You see, I have bug bites for boobs. They've always been this way, probably always will be. I'm over it, it's whatever, no shame. Since they're so small I have just always assumed that small tits equal A's so that's exactly what I've worn my whole life. Except for when I was about 17 and could still fit into the "little miss junior" ones from Tarjay. But unbeknownst to A, I am not.

After the awkward measuring of my boobs in the middle of a hustling bustling Victoria's Secret I am now the proud owner of C's. WHAT?! I've always worn 34A's so imagine the look of shock on my face as she's wrapping the measuring tape around and comes to the conclusion that no, I'm actually a 32C. I flat out told her that she was on crack lying. So she insisted I go back to the dressing room to get a second opinion and actually try bras on. Obviously I obliged. The next lady hands me a non-padded 32C and what do you know...perfection! Stunned, my entire life as been a lie. I have completely ignored the bras at VS just because I always thought none of them would fit me and now I come to find out I could have been wearing all of those sexy things this whole time?! Boo.

But little chested chicks do not wear C's...or so I thought. I guess this just goes to show that our society has a completely warped view on what cup sizes actually look like. You hear D and you automatically assume you're going to get boobs flying all up in your face but no. So now I have a whole new world of cups to explore and spend too much money on. Fabulous.

And while you probably had zero desire to learn about my bra size today I hope this gives you some sort of intrigue and desire to want to go get yourself properly sized too. I mean, you could end up pleasantly surprised like I was to go in as a twelve year old and walk out a porn star. Do it for your tittays, they deserve it.

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