Currently I Am...

WATCHING: Oh let's this exact current moment? The Bachelor. Along with every other female on my Twitter feed. I could blog about The Bachelor for days on end but I decided to completely sit this season out instead. It's just too much. It already takes two hours out of my week (four since ABC decided to throw two episodes at us these past couple weeks) so there's no way I can physically allow it to take over any more of my time.

LOVING: Can I use The Bachelor as an answer twice? No? Okay. Let's go with the fact that Yankee season is right around the corner and with every sunny day I can feel the $12 beers and cute baseball boys inching nearer.

LOOKING FORWARD TO: Well I guess this one would have gone better with the Yankee season thing. So much planning out my blog posts huh? I'm really looking forward to seeing my little man tomorrow who has been gone for the past week on vacation with his momma. I need some baby snuggles in my life asap before I go pull some funny business and steal the first child I see toddling down the street.

WONDERING: Why every dressing room doesn't have something like this painted on the wall. I have done this (in my head) ever since I could remember, so the fact that Victoria's Secret decided to help me sort it all out so easily really made my brassier shopping experience that much better. Guess their corporate offices use their boobs and brains to get ahead in life.

COOKING: Yeah I'm kind of sick at this current moment so we didn't do much cooking in the ay pee tee tonight. I was all up in the Chinese menus stacked away in the junk drawer searching for my favorite Pineapple Fried Rice with extra pineapples. Yum in my tum.

MAKING ME HAPPY: The rock candy that I stole for myself off of Mr. Valentine's man bouquet. I'm sick so I think I deserve it more than he does. Plus it reminds me of my childhood when Lil Broski and I got it from this crazy cave in Upstate NY. And childhood memories always make me happy too so there's that.

DISLIKING: The fact that the cigarette smoke in the casino this past weekend is the reason I am now sick. I'm sure that it's the culprit and not just a coincidence that as soon as I was forced to breathe in wafting puffs of hell for 48 hours straight my sinuses decide to clog worse than a frat house toilet. That shit is nasty (the smoke, not the shit); I don't understand how anyone can inhale it directly without keeling over on the spot.

GIVING AWAY: My good Blogland friend Brie turned 25 recently so she did what any amazing human would do and decided to give this pretty in pink Coach bag away to one of her readers! I'd say this is a pretty fabulous and selfless thing to do on your 25th birthday. I'll probably just be crying in a corner wondering where the past 25 years of my life have gone with a fluffy crown on my head saying I'm 21 so that guys will drown my sorrows away in free shots. But hey, that's just me.