A Very BIG Announcement!

What's Going On:
"Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink" will be no longer as of tomorrow!
I am officially changing my blog name and design. Cue excitement and panic right about...now.

Yes, you did just read that correctly. My beloved original blog name will be a thing of the past tomorrow on my blog's very first birthday. A new year calls for new adventures and that's exactly what a brand new face lift will give me.


The Reason:
You see Blogger freaked me out one year ago today. I didn't realize you couldn't create a blog without having a name for said blog so I scrambled for about a second and came up with my title. I had no idea that in blog world any name over five syllables is a freakin' mouthful. I also didn't realize how many times I would have to type this sentence out before clicking the "sign me up" button (it's exhausting). And the other kicker: no one can seem to remember the name.

My stats have shown a multitude of titles bringing traffic to my site:
Shades of GrEy and a Pinch of Pink
Shades of Gray and a Touch of Pink
50 Shades of Grey and a Pinch of Pink
50 Shades of Gray and Pink

And the list continues until the cows come home. So I decided it was time for a change. Something that fit me more. Something that was shorter. Something that was easy to spell, easy to remember, and easy to type. Above all I needed something that no one had already taken. I swear finding a domain name that isn't take already is harder than an AP Calculus class. But I finally settled on one and figured what better time to get a face lift than on my very first birthday!


The Name:
This little corner of the dot com will officially become "Two Thirds Hazel" as of tomorrow! I'll explain the reasoning behind it in tomorrow's post but to give you just a little sneak peek of the new design I created...this is my inspiration and color scheme. How pretty.

So make sure you come back to celebrate my first birthday, see the new blog design, and enter my "favorite things" giveaway. It's going to be tons of fun so don't you dare miss it!