A Box of Crayons

I'm somewhat obsessed with this whole "Pantone Color of the Year" ordeal that happens annually in the rainbow of the world. 

I'm not sure how they can pick just one, though. I mean, when I was younger my favorite color was constantly changing. And by constantly I mean changed more often than did my current middle school crush (and that's quite often because I still have my diary that contains a set of initials in the top corner of each page pertaining to what 12 year old boy I liked that specific day, and let me just say it was a new set of initials with each turn of the page). Purple was always a front runner back in the day. I then grew to become a bit more sophisticated and changed it to "periwinkle" because I needed to be different than the rest of them.

Now that I'm an adult I don't really have an all-time favorite color. It changes for each category. 
For instance my wine: I prefer that white...and sweet if you'd like to buy me a bottle.
My beers: They'd obviously be Blue...Moon. See what I did there?
Clothing: I don't stray too far away from neutrals very often.
Christmas Lights: White. Absolutely not blue.
Jewelry: If it's expensive...silver, if it's from Forever 21...who cares it'll be green tomorrow.
Skies: Grey...and rainy if I feel like snuggling but blue any other day.

But enough Kindergarten games and back to that Pantone thing I was discussing earlier. I love it. It's like the Oscars for your crayon box. Is there really any better award than being THEE color of the year? I mean that's a pretty big feat. There are seventeen thousand colors in the world (I know because I spent seventeen thousand hours going through them while designing my next blog layout) so the fact that just one gets to be the winner for a whole year? Huge.

Okay obviously I'm exaggerating this a bit but it all stems from how insanely bored I am while currently watching these Oscars. I relate this to the fact that I didn't see a single movie nominated OR the fact that my apartment is currently out of wine. I'm going to go with the latter on this one. But anyway, last year I did a post on the 2012 Color of The Year so I figured I needed to continue on with the trend and do one for this year as well.

So let me take you on a little journey through Oz with the winner of 2013: