A Blogiversary and A New Blog Reveal!

The Blogiversary 

It's my first birthday everybody!
I'm officially one year old in Blogland and I even have a "1st Birthday" hat to prove it. Can't forget the cupcake with one single neon pink candle to come along for the ride either. I mean come on ladies, would you expect anything less from me on this monumental occasion?

It has honestly been such a whirlwind of a ride over the past year. Blogging has brought so much to more to my life than I ever thought possible. I am more creative. I am more inspired to get out there and do things. I am more up-to-date on the latest trends. I have an outlet to "get it all out there". I am supported and reassured. I am learning something new each and every day. And most importantly I have made a gazillion new friends out of all of you lovely ladies.
I am beyond grateful down to the tips of my tootsies for all of you!


The New Blog Name

You can probably see it pretty easily at the top of the page right now but if you're blind as a bat or drunk or sleepy or too lazy to scroll up or whatever then let me help you out a little in life and show you.
Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink is no longer because I am now...

So what's in the name you ask? (Other than a bit of math class and a hint of art class) Well let me tell you.
It's really pretty simple.
I've told you all a couple of times before that I have a birthmark in my left eyeball.
The colored area started growing when I was just a wee little lady and eventually stopped before deciding to take over my whole eye.

The brown part is 1/3 of the pie chart. But "One Third Brown" doesn't sound too blog worthy so I went with the hazel part instead...which, you guessed it...is the other 2/3!
Thus giving birth to the new name "Two Thirds Hazel".

And with a new blog name comes a new Twitter handle, Facebook page, Pinterest account, email address and domain name (www.twothirdshazel.com).
So I hope that you will all help a friend out and switch your interest over to the new ones!
And in order to entice you to do so for more reason than just out of the goodness of your heart I've put together a "Blogiversary Giveaway"!


The Giveaway 

Just a few things to say thank you from the bottom of my heart for sticking around with me for the past year. I wish I could give you all a cupcake to celebrate with me but...I already ate them all.
Now go enter the giveaway and come say hi to me on all of my new social media accounts!
P.S. My Twitter was suspended because I followed too many of you guys all at once and apparently that's "against the rules" of Twitter...literally there is a rule book. So you'll have to come back in a bit to follow.

a Rafflecopter giveaway

The Help

I would like to give one GINORMOUS thank you hug to Erin at Love, Fun and Football!
 She is the only reason that the design I created came to life in the way that you see it now. 
Girlfriend stayed at work an extra two hours last night trying to fight with blogger html to get everything up to my picky perfectionist heart's desire. So she basically deserves all the cupcakes in the world.

I would also like to give a shout out to Chelsea at Olive and Ivy for being extremely tech savvy and allowing my confused brain to rest while she transformed my old blogspot domain into the dot com that it is now. She answered my S.O.S. call (literally) immediately and was such a sweetheart to work with.

So if any of you are computer-illiterate like me and are looking for some blog help I highly recommend these two ladies. They'll knock your socks off!