Winter White and A Traveling Wife

Forget the "No white after Labor Day" rule because winter is one of the best and most beautiful times of the year to wear this cool yet cozy color. While white denim might push the boundaries a bit (and get a little dirty in all that snowy slush) pretty much anything else goes.
There isn't a classier way to walk down the street than in the chicest of chic tie-wasted cape coats. It will give you such a clean look amongst the sea of everyday black. Jazz it up with a pair of cozy fur boots and you'll be ready to face the most frigid of temperatures this season. Once you get inside it's all about the cocktail dress - be sure to find one that cinches you at the waist to give you the same slimming effect as your usual go-to LBD. Tie your entire ensemble together with some soft and snowy accessories and you'll be a winter goddess from head to toe.
Just make sure you pack a bleach pen in that clutch of yours. Or avoid the bottles of red vino like it's your life's mission!
Winter White
coat :: dress :: mittens :: clutch :: belt :: boots

Want to know someone who would probably look beyond fabulous in all of this wintery goodness?
Well look no further because I already found her...
Jenn from A Traveling Wife!
Traveling and a wife. I haven't done the first in quite some time and I don't plan on being the second for quite some time plus a few more years after however long that is.
But, hey, that's exactly why I've befriended Jenn so that I can live vicariously through her.
She travels to places like this:
And she looks like a wife like this:

 I mean, don't you want to live vicariously through her now too with your head on her hunky hubby's lap?
Yes? Okay maybe without the head on lap part...
I asked her to answer some questions for you guys so you can get to know her better so check them out and remember to head over to her blog to say hi.
Take it away lady:
If you had to pick one single food/drink to sum up your personality what would it be?
The drink that best describes my personality would have to be a martini. There seems to be a million ways you can order one and a million ingredients can be added. If you did not know me really well, you might think that I have multiple personalities. This may or may not be true. I can be serious, have fun, get dirty, or be professional. It all just depends on my mood.
What is your go to outfit?
Let's see... If I am staying home, then you will definitely see me in sweat pants, pajamas, or yoga pants and tshirt. If I am going out though, I will probably be wearing jeans, plain shirt, and a scarf. I am absolutely addicted to scarves.
If you won the lottery tomorrow what would your first purchase be?
I would pay off my student loans. They seem to be all I can think of and I would not be able to purchase anything big until those bad boys are paid off.
What is your biggest pet peeve in life?
I cannot stand people that stand too close to me when I am checking out. Give a girl some space!
Do you have any strange quirks about you?
I am not sure if this is a quirk or not but I could sit and talk to my dog all day. I mean, all day long. And I do not talk to her in a normal voice, plus most times it isn't even English. It's embarrassing when it happens and we have company over. This is why people think I am so weird.
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