Twofer Tuesday

One: A Little Bit of Leather

I'm a big fan of the faux since I kind of like my animals 
and also sorta like my bank account not as skinny as Taylor Swift's left bicep.
But to each their own right?
My leather jacket is my go-to option when heading out in the city at night. 

It matches everything, it's cheap enough that I won't cry a river if some drunk bitty steals it at coat check, it's not too heavy, yet it still covers me up enough to not let me get mistaken for a hooker on the corner of 2nd ave while I'm walking home with McDonald's nugs...

Lately I've been searching around for some more pieces to add to the collection though.
Like hair bows, and clutches, and studded bracelets.
Here are some options I put together to slowly ease my way into the luxe world of leather.



One Point Five: Teen Mom

I was going to recap Bachelor again but...
Then I got into watching Teen Mom 2 and I was horrified. Horrified isn't a strong enough word actually.
I'm sitting here watching the cutest little french bull dog run around the yard.
Then I'm all like "Oh my gosh I want one."
Then Chelsea screams and the T.V. goes blank.
Then I fast forward frantically being all like "What did he do shit in a pool?"
The neighbor's mean dog got a hold of little frenchy and ripped him apart.
Aka, little frenchy was murdered.
And we basically saw it all go down on T.V.
I'm so sad right now this is not right. Eww MTV, eww.


Two: Love Your Skin Link Up 

Katie from Pretty In Pale is one of my more eye-opening sponsors.

Her blog is about her life post-skin cancer, which is a lot about being a former tanning bed addict and coming to terms with her naturally pale skin. Her goal in talking about skincare is to raise awareness about melanoma, the most deadly type of skin cancer, and the most commonly diagnosed cancer for women aged 25-29. 
I myself could take a few pointers from her because I definitely do not embrace my ashy paleness come winter time. I'd rather swim in a bag of Doritos than look like a ghost.

My Photo

So she and I decided to do a link up in order to raise some awareness on the topic.
It will go down TOMORROW so get your posts ready!

All you have to do is answer the following ten questions:
1. What's your daily skincare routine?
2. A skin product you could never live without?
3. Have you ever used a tanning bed?
4. Thoughts on spray tanning?
5. Favorite brand of sunscreen?
6. Biggest skincare splurge?
7. Celebrity with the most perfect skin?
8. Feature you're most self-conscious about?
9. What do you think about botox?
10. I feel most confident when...

Feel free to link up any past skincare posts/vlogs you've done in the past.
Or include any of your own skincare tips or experiences with tanning as well.
And make sure you go check out Katie's story over on her blog!

You can find her over here:
 Blog :: Twitter :: Pinterest :: Her Story