The Facts Of Life

Today Whitney is hosting a fun link-up party called "Facts of Me" so that's exactly what you're getting today. Ten facts about yours truly because apparently yesterday's post wasn't enough.

1. I like to literally stop and smell the roses tulips as you can see from the picture above.

2. When I was little I used to make my mom partially unzip my suitcases when traveling so that my stuffed animals wouldn't "suffocate" inside. I was such a good Beanie Baby momma.

3. I had braces for 4.5 years and didn't get them off until my second semester of freshman year in college. The frat boys called me "Touch of Innocence" because I looked like a six year old. Awesome.

4. I prefer to sleep with my bra on. I think I might be completely alone on this one.

5. You can't find me in a happier state than during the time from Thanksgiving Eve to Christmas Day. Hands down best time of the entire year. I wish there was a name for it. My future kid would absolutely receive the same name.

6. I have seen every single episode of Rugrats and Full House. Top two shows of my childhood years hands down.

7. The last scary movie I watched was "The Ring". Which was in 2002...and it will be the last scary movie I ever watch as well. Samara ruined my whole life when she climbed out of that damn well. Bitch.

8. I once broke my wrist just from falling off a couch. True story. Milk's important kids, drink up.

9. I absolutely cannot sleep in a sleeping bag if it is zipped up. My heart races a mile a minute just thinking about it now. And if you trap me under any sort of covers to the point that I cannot move I will punch your lights out as soon as I can wriggle myself free.

10. I don't like or drink coffee. My only exception is a coffee Coolatta from Dunkin' every once in awhile.

And there you have it, I hope you learned something new today. Now go link up and share some of your own!