Mason Jar Wall Vases

There's nothing I love more than creating shabby chic decor items. And this little project is the epitome of those two combined words. Mason jars, bead board, burlap. You just simply can't go wrong.
Put them all together, add in some flowers and you have yourself a set of adorable vases to hang on your wall. 

How to make them:
Since I made these a while ago, I don't have pictures of my step by step instructions.
The original pin that inspired me to create these does though so I'm going to substitute a couple of those in here to make it easier on the eyes.
Also, the original pin did it a little differently in that she let the wire show while hanging.
I wanted them to look more like frames on the wall so I chose to hang the wire behind the frame so you couldn't see it.

Step One:
Cut your board to your desired height and width, ideally large enough to make a nice frame for the jar.
I used bead board because A) I love it and B) It was free from my garage.
My own boards measure 10" high by 8" wide.
Then paint your boards any color your peachy little heart desires.

Step Two:
Drill two holes into your board.
Mine are 2.5" down from the top of the frame and they are about 1.5" apart.

Step Three:
***this is the tricky part***
Wrap your wire around the neck of the mason jar and then twist it in the back so the jar doesn't fall through.
Stick the ends of the wire through the two holes you drilled in the board which will attach the jar to the front.
Then take the ends and somehow figure out a way to form a closed loop behind the board.
It doesn't have to look pretty because it will be behind the board frame.
It just needs to be large enough to fit over a nail head to hang it up on the wall.

Step Four:
Hang, add flowers, sit back in amazement at all that hard work (your father) did.
And if you're feeling up to it you can add a little burlap around the jars like I chose to do.

Another set of flowers to add a kick of color: