I've Got A Mouse In The House

I've had quite a few experiences with this type of situation.
More than I'd like to admit to.
If you grew up in BFE (first time I've used that abbreviation since I've learned what it means) you tend to see a few mice scurrying around from time to time. It's just inevitable.
That's why you get a cat if you live in the country. Because what else are cats useful for? 
Kidding. Kind of. Probably not. Puppies rule, cats drool.

***WARNING: Do not imagine cute mice like Ratatouille while reading this story.***

There was once a time that my dad heard mice in the wall of my garage. Ga-ROSS times ten!
So he took my brother out there to help him get rid of them because they were chewing on wires and that's not good for the hood if you're trying to live in the 21st century.

They're both in the closet area with their hammers opening up the wall and as soon as they do...
BAM! MICE! A mom one, and baby ones. All over the place.
(You can puke now it's okay)
So my brother starts screaming and running away like the pretty princess he is.
(My dad hasn't let him live it down to this day)
And then my dad starts bopping the mice on the head with his hammer.
"Tink, tink, tink, tink, tink."
(The words he uses to describe bopping them one by one)
(He's a sweetheart that one)
And after several quick minutes there were no more mice in the wall of our garage.
The end.

Why am I telling you this disgusting and horrifying story? Two reasons...
1) To make sure you know to run far, far away if you ever come in contact with my dad if there's a hammer in his hand. He might "tink" you too.
2) To provide the most fabulous and classiest of segues to introduce you to Laura from "Mice in the Kitchen".

I mean I probably could have discussed bra shopping because she has posted about that.
Or maybe some New Year resolutions because she has some of those.
Or maybe even some of my favorite things from my kid days because she also compiled a list of hers.

But no, naturally I choose mice.
You're welcome.
I'll let her take over now. I promise she doesn't have any gross stories to share.


My mother always taught me when you meet someone for the first time you should always smile big and introduce yourself. Then again my mother also taught me that you should always make sure your house is tidy in case someone breaks in they will think you are a good housekeeper. So maybe it's best for me to pick and choose what "life lessons" of my mother's I keep. None the less an introduction here does seem appropriate.

I'm Laura Mouse.
No that's not my REAL name...I mean what kind of mean parents name their child that. 
I blog over at Mice In The Kitchen
I'm fairly new to blogging, less then a year that is, and this is the first blog I have had the privilege and honor to take over for a day. Please be kind to me!!  I am mid-west born and raised but somehow over the years have ended up in Texas. The winters are mild and great but I highly suggest a pool in your yard for the summers. I'm addicted to coffee and am completely okay with that. I love to cook and bake because I love to eat. I hate nothing more then to hear my children complain that they don't like what I made...of course I use that same old line..."there are starving children in other countries who would LOVE this food." 

When I started blogging I started to panic a little bit. I wondered if I was the "grandma" of blogging.  I'm in my mid/upper 30's. I started dating my honey back in high school 20 years ago and we will be married 16 year this summer. We have four children ranging from ages 6 - 12. Not to mention my children who are fuzzy and walk around on 4 legs and never ever EVER talk back. :) With that in mind most of the blogs I started to follow along with started to make me feel old...I think I need to come up with a better phrase then "old".  

Over the first few months I was amazed at how sweet everyone was and I was able to quickly settle my fears of not fitting in...one vicious game of dodge ball in 3rd grade can scar a girl!! Of course after about 6 months I was feeling pretty darn cool...I mean I owned a little chunk of the internet world. I was becoming tech savvy and knew how to copy and post a HTML. YEAH ME!! My blog theme is not a same thing different day sort of place. I post all sorts of things about life, kids, things I did wrong (which tends to be the theme lately) and sometimes just deep thoughts..some silly some serious.  

I would love for you to come by my corner of the internet and check it out.  Stay a while and follow along if you see something that makes you smile. What caused me to want to sponsor and post on Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink?? This was one of the first blogs I started reading...and I just feel in love. Seriously how can you not!!  I love Erin's sense of humor and who doesn't want to be around people who make you laugh. 

Oh and did I mention I LOVE giveaways...hey every girl likes a good bribe every now and again! :)

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