The Countdown of Me

Apparently my new thing is talking about myself because I'm at it again today.

I'm chalking this up to the fact that my life didn't produce too many blog worthy adventures last week.
Unless you count being stuck inside every single day due to Mother Nature deciding to transform Manhattan into a Siberian tundra filled to the brim with frozen nips.
Or the fact that I'm so cool that carrying bags of groceries three blocks down the street caused my shoulders to be sore for the following two days.
Or maybe you'd like to know how many hours of TV I watched last week? That'd be about 20.
Thrilling right?

But somewhere in the middle of all those life-changing events I came up with a set of ways to force feed you some more nonsense about myself. Ten of one thing. Nine of another. Eight of this. Seven of that. And so on. Let's get started shall we?

TEN of my favorite foods:
Chips and dip - my face will be shoved in just about any kind imaginable
Guacamole - I will have one of those restaurant guac carts in my future home, or at my wedding
Crab legs
Hard shell tacos
Lumpy mashed potatoes - not as good when completely whipped, I swear
Mint chocolate chip ice cream - preferably the Talenti kind at this current moment
Tator tots
Corn on the cob - my childhood "loose tooth" days did not appreciate this obsession
Gummy peach rings - my version of crack cocaine

NINE of my all-time favorite movies:
The Little Rascals
Monsters Inc. - I have contemplated dressing up as Boo for the past few Halloweens
The Dark Knight
The Grinch - my go-to, feel good Christmas movie
It Takes Two 
Matilda - I was scared as hell of Trunchbull, "Much too good for children."
The Departed
The Devil Wears Prada
Lilo & Stitch - I wanted a French Bull dog to name Stitch until Farrah from Teen Mom stole my idea

EIGHT celebrities I'd like to marry: 
Joseph Gordon Levitt
Tom Brady - if I could slap a Giants jersey on him and keep his hair short always
Anderson Cooper
Natalie Portman
Minka Kelly - what in the hell was Jeter thinking?!
Robinson Cano - because his "I'm trying really hard to speak English" voice kills me
Eva Longoria
Brad Pitt - the Mr. and Mrs. Smith version, hot damn man

SEVEN things I'm loving right now:
Emily Thorne and Daniel Grayson in Revenge
Seeing my bank account increase weekly
Homemade Shepherd's Pie
Being 21 - it's been two and a half years but I think we should always look back and be thankful for it
Sean Lowe's body
Dance parties at work to Disney Pandora
Not wearing pants - will there ever come a time that I'm not loving this?

SIX places I'd like to visit someday:

Denmark - because I'm 1/4 Danish so it's an obvious must
Thailand - so I can eat my weight in pineapple fried rice
Mexico - for above reason as well except with tacos and guac and margs
Ireland - because my name actually means Ireland, Erin Go Bragh bitchez

FIVE games I played as a child:
Bop It - spin it, twist it, flick it, pass it, want to kill it after seven and a half minutes
The Grape Escape
Mancala - I won a competition in Summer Camp because I knew a secret strategy
Chutes and Ladders
Elefun - the big plastic elephant truck blew butterflies in the air and you had to catch them in nets

FOUR things I'd rather never see again:
A homeless man's ding dong/peepee/man friend - it happens all too often in NYC
June from Honey Boo Boo sneezing on a turkey and then continuing to rub it in
Someone using the wrong version of "Jane Doe and I" vs. "Me and Jane Doe" 
Those damn Sarah McLachlin animal cruelty commercials - I have to change the channel every time

THREE things I'd like to do this year:
Attempt to not eat more than the recommended amount gummy vitamins each day
Learn how to curl my own gosh darn hair
Attempt to make a DIY version of the Lord Bodner Octopus Triptych

TWO facts about me:
My grama wanted my middle name to be Gertrude so that my initials would spell out "EGG". Cute.
I once chopped all of my hair off and people told me I looked like Suri Cruise, never again will I chop it.

ONE meaning behind my blog name:
Much of my life is simple, classic, quiet, average, neutral, and calm - hence the "Shades of Gray" (also Gray is my last name) but then there is also a splash of sass, excitement, thrill, adventure, random craziness, and a hint of a prissy princess demeanor - hence the "Pinch of Pink". Smash it all together and you have me.

Feel free to grab the prompts and write up your own post if you have nothing better to do this week than watch The Bachelor and hibernate from the wrath of winter. I'd be more than glad to spend some of my time learning random and mostly pointless things about you all.