I Saw It. I Pinned It. I Did It.

This is one of my all time favorite link ups to ever grace the Blogland. 
Even if this is only the second time I've actually participated in it...oops! I love that Katie and Steph attempt to motivate me into not letting my Pinterest boards collect spider webs and rat turds. 

I just wish I had unlimited funds that could direct themselves straight to the craft store and unlimited free time that could direct itself straight to DIY's instead of The Bachelor and Real Housewives.

But this week I pulled my big girl britches up and conquered both!
The very second I laid eyes on this pretty pretty pin I just about died the most heavenly of deaths.

I mean I would probably steal every single item in the entirety of this room given the opportunity. The framed glitter headboard area. The mirrored desk. The pink gumball lamp. (Gumballs?) The make up mirror. The fun puffy polka dotted chair? 
Hello heart filled to the brim with happiness.

What really caught my eye though was the canvas on the wall. 
So simply stated yet so meaningful and chic all at the same time. 
I knew I had to have it.

But since the link source didn't provide me with the room's address (ya know, in order to GPS my way there to snag it) I was forced to get my hands dirty and create it myself. 
The painting that is...not the whole damn room. Lets get real now, I'm no interior decorator. Yet.

So how did my own version turn out you ask? Let's take a peek.
Please bare with my iPhone quality pictures, people
I'm no professional photographer. Yet.

So...it's alright. I give myself a B- 
As you can see mine says "I love you, I love."
What in the hell does that mean?
You see I forgot to pay attention to the fact that my canvas is rectangular as opposed to the square in the initial picture so I couldn't fit as many "I love you's" on each line.

But we were going for inspiring instead of copying.
And I'd say it definitely livens up the overwhelming sea of bulky black going on in Erin's dresser land.
So on that front I'd say I win all the chicken dinners.

P.S. I need a picture in that gold frame along with just about every other frame in my apartment. 
It's a recurring theme in my life. I really just like frames and not actual pictures.

As you can see, I didn't provide any instructions on how to make this.
I'm pretty sure all you genius ladies can figure out that I bought a canvas, a tiny brush and some black paint and then went to town on my cursive writing skills.

It does actually take a lot longer than you'd expect because each letter needed about five brush strokes.
Painting letters isn't as easy as writing letters, let me just say that much.
It'll take you roughly one to two episodes of Real Housewives to get it all done.
Or if you're good at math like me - about one episode of Bachelor.

What have you "Pinned and Did" lately?

P.S. If you missed yesterday's "Love Your Skin Link Up" be sure to check it out 
I certainly got an eye opening from clicking on some of the posts that were linked up.
Protect yo' skin ladies!