How Wrinkly Will Your Skin Be?

We're all babies of the "Snooki generation" (whether you'd like to admit it or not) and I'm sure 75% of you have either sat your ass in the sun a little too long without SPF or have ventured your booty into a tanning bed at some point in your life.

Hell, maybe you've even used an oily tan-enhancing spray on a cloudy day to entice the sun out, or mayyybe just maybe, you've even stuck one of those Playboy heart shaped stickers near your crotch in the tanning booth in order to get a "suntoo". GASP! 

Not one but two heart tattoos, a key chain for a belly ring, skinny dipping undies, AND dermal piercings. Whore much?

P.S. "suntoo"? I think I just made that up.

I digress...

What I'm basically saying is this:
 If you've done anything short of stick a paper bag over your head and shield yourself with an umbrella anytime you've ever stepped outside...shame on you.

Kidding. But all jokes aside we should probably be a bit more aware of what the sun is doing to our precious skin. (And avoid Playboy bunny stickers near our hoo-has for the rest of eternity but that's for another time).

Take for instance this truck driver:

I don't think I've met too many truck drivers in Blogland but this is just one horrifying example of what sun exposure can do to your face. Or at least the side of your face that is in direct contact with the sun most often.

Moral of the story:
Make sure you flip around more times than a pancake at Sunday brunch when you're outside in the sun.

Wait no that's not right...

Moral of the story take two: 
Don't let this happen to you! 
Be educated, take a second to think about how you treat your own skin, and then join in on the fun of this link up and show your answers to the world. Oh and then maybe go grab yourself a daily moisturizer with SPF so you can stop freaking out about looking like a prune by the age of 55.

So let's get to the good stuff shall we? 

The Love Your Skin Linkup!
Follow both of your co-hosts, copy the following ten questions and link up your answers with me and the lovely 
Katie from Pretty In Pale


Here are my own answers:

What's your daily skincare routine?
Yeah about that...if I had a routine I'd gladly share it but I still act like a middle schooler when it comes to my skin.
I wash it when I shower. Some days I don't shower (hello extra thirty minutes of sleep). I'm disgusting like that.
Some nights I actually remember to use those make up cleaning wipes I bought. Some nights I stuff my face with junk and pass out to Real Housewives.

A skin product you could never live without?
This stuff. Neutrogena Oil-Free Acne Wash. 
I've used it since before I even needed to wear a training bra.
If I go on vacation it comes with. I make my mom buy it to keep at home so it's there whenever I visit. I go on dates with it. I sleep with it. Etc, etc, etc.

Have you ever used a tanning bed?
Duh. I even drank alcohol before the legal age and have crossed the street without looking both ways.
Sue me.
Although I don't go anymore and haven't in quite some time. Pat on the back to me.

Thoughts on spray tanning?
My thoughts are yes I like it as long as you don't over do it and look like Lea Michelle at the Globes.
I've done it myself - absolute disaster.
I've gone to a spray booth - much better idea.

 Favorite brand of sunscreen?
Sunscreen. What's this foreign thing you speak of?
No but in all honesty I'm extremely bad at using it. I lucked out in the "my skin tans easily and only burns unless I'm on a cruise ship straddling the equator" realm of life.
It's awful logic, I know this is still bad for you anyway.
I'm working on it.
I've heard you become less stubborn and naive with age?

Biggest skincare splurge?
I don't splurge on anything beauty/skincare/health related.
I save my money for the important gummy peach rings and bar tabs.
But I do buy this one self-tanning lotion online that I rather love.
It's not that expensive (if you avoid the site and go straight to Amazon), it's very light in color, and it says there's anti aging shit in there.
Can't go wrong with that right?

Celebrity with the most perfect skin?
I never notice skin unless you have bad skin so I honestly couldn't answer this question.
I'll just go with celebrity with the most perfect legs and that award goes to Miss Carrie Underwood.
Marry me.

Feature you're most self-conscious about?
I'd have to go with my thighs.
I have at times fallen into the "underweight" category when comparing weight and height but that's just proof that cellulite doesn't care what the number on the scale says.
It'll show up no matter what. Especially if your diet consists of gummies and beer...

What do you think about botox?
Mama Elsa. Is. All. I. Think.

I feel most confident when...
I've had a few beers in meWait no...

While walking down the streets of Manhattan listening to a kick ass song on my iPhone.
Or the direct moment after a man tells me I'm beautiful.


And there you have it, my answers for the Love Your Skin Link-Up!
I'm very excited to see all of yours so be sure to copy the questions and link up.
You have about a week to do it so go grab some sunscreen and come right back.