Friday's Letters: Christmas 2013 Style

Today we're going to do Friday's Letters a little differently.
One letter for one hell of a holiday.

Dear Christmas 2013,

While strolling through Target on December 26th last month 
my mom and I got to thinking up this genius idea:
Have Christmas..........after Christmas.
I mean, it just makes way too much sense for so many different reasons.
Let's take a look shall we?
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A) Cost Effective
This one's kind of a no-brainer: crap's cheap after Christmas. Heck, stores are even starting to knock things down to budget-friendly prices a few days before the actual holiday. You could save quite a few dolla dolla bills by purchasing all of your presents after everyone else has already opened theirs.
Your momma's Gap sweater? Yeah that'll be twelve bucks. You could buy one for her, one for yourself, and even pick up a twelve pack at the gas station on the way home for the price you'd pay  for that same sweater in early December.
Then there's the tree.
Since I live in Manhattan those things cost as much as my parents' mortgage. You think I'm kidding... But as soon as the day is done New Yorker's are shoving them into their elevators and piling them up on the streets faster than you can say mistletoe. If we had Christmas after the fact then I could easily snag an already purchased and used (but still perfectly functioning) one fo' free.
And we definitely don't need to get into how cheap all of the decorations would be unless you celebrate Kwanzaa because EV-ERY-ONE knows that the glittery balls, festive throws, and twinkling lights are all 75% off the day after Christmas. Don't be one of those girls that has to buy the newest and latest holiday decor every year. A glittery ball is a glittery ball is a glittery ball. Unless you're talking about the ones that don't belong on your tree, which in that case you might want to venture on over to a different type of blog.

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2) Anti-Depressing
Now this one hits extra close to home.
I've been saying for the past couple of years that Christmas is no longer my favorite holiday.
Thanksgiving has slowly but surely taken the reigns from those deer and passed 'em on to Tom the turkey. That's because when Thanksgiving is over we still have Christmas to look forward to. But when Santa has made his rounds and we've opened up our last present that joyous cheer goes POOF! just about as fast as it took you to pop in your first Christmas movie of the season.
The tree dies, the lights don't invite you home and coax you into snuggling, Will Farrell isn't gallivanting across your tv, you feel like an idiot singing Jingle Bells to your dog...and the list goes on. BUT...if we all decided to celebrate later on then we wouldn't want to commit ourselves as soon as the 25th turned to the 26th.

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3) Procrastination
This one's for those that can't seem to remember that the holiday is coming and presents are needed until they're drunk at a Christmas eve party. Apparently these people are also oblivious to the eleventy million "Holiday Cups" from Starbucks that serve as daily reminders that Christmas is indeed on its way even though we haven't yet experienced Halloween.
But, once again, if we celebrated after the fact (am I boring you yet?) (I promise that's the last time I'll say it) then the procrastinators of the world wouldn't have to pay double the price of their gifts on overnight shipping costs. They'd actually have enough time to check everything off their list.
Win win!

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So have I convinced you yet?
Should we officialy change Christmas to December 29th?
I'm thinking yes.