Friday's Letters and a Delightful Lady

Dear January to March: You straight up suck. What exactly do you offer me besides slush and staticky hair?

Dear holiday TV hiatus: You were tough to deal with but I thank you for giving me some freedom over the last several weeks. I actually had a life other than my couch.

Dear Bachelor: You have no idea the amount of shining light you have brought back into my life. 25 seasons later and we're still the best of buds.

Dear Hunter rain boots: I'm so in love with you that I think I might plaster pretty pictures of you all over one of my walls. It could count as decor right?

Dear little lady I'm about to introduce to my readers: You've slowly eased your way up into the top ranks of my blogland favorites after becoming a sponsor and I'm so glad to have you on the blog today!


If you like me then you'll also like Marianna. We're kind of one in the same. I won't explain why since that's exactly what she did in this post but I will say that she did forget a few things.

 Like our obsession for Christmas traditions, the love of not wearing certain items of clothing (her: shoes, me: pants), and desperately needing to stay organized.

I'll let her take it away so she can tell you how we'd spend our days together as blog twins.

Hello I'm Marianna!
And that's my sweet puppy Willow.
When we're not busy dressing up as cute little piggies, we blog over at Delightfully Dunn
Actually, I do most of the blogging. Willow just likes to snuggle down beside me.
I've been reading Erin's blog for a while and not only does she keep me laughing but she also keeps me up to date with the happenings of my second favorite city in the world.
(Hello, SantaCon)
You see, like Erin, I grew up in a teeny tiny town.
But unlike Erin, I've only dreamed of escaping to the big apple of my eye, New York City.

You see, I've been to NYC three times in my life which I know doesn't sound like a whole lot, but it's enough to let me know that I love it. And could totally see myself living there at some point in my life.
And when I do, I imagine Erin and I hanging out all the time.
For one, Erin has this little obsession love for football. As do I.
Now granted, Erin actually enjoys watching the football game and following the plays and trash talking with the big boys while I usually only prefer the tailgating and drinking that goes along with the game. But nonetheless, I know together we could tear up a NYC Sports Bar.
I'd even pull for Giants. 

Exhibit B: Erin loooooves puppies (because who doesn't) and I have puppies.
Two to be exact. Willow, who you met earlier, and Roxy. And let's face it, even though the city
probably isn't the best place for two dogs,
I can get my poop bags ready for Central Park.

And if we ever got tired of strolling the streets of Manhattan we could hang out in my cozy uptown apartment watching hours and hours of reality TV. Because if there's one thing Erin and I agree on, it's the power of a good, quality reality TV show. 
Like Honey Boo Boo.
And the Real Housewives of Everywhere.
It just doesn't get any better than that.

So, Erin, go ahead and
get the tutus and Blue Moons ready.

And everyone else, don't forget to stop by and say hello!
I'd love to meet you and find some other fun cities to come crash!


Umm, can you say twins?!
This girl needs to make her way to New York City sooner rather than later so that we can do all of these fun things together.
Football, and beers, and puppies, and crappy television.
The girl basically just spoke straight into the depths of my heart.

Happy Friday ladies and have yourselves a great weekend!