My Closet Staples

Welcome to the Fashion Favorites link up!

Your favorite fashions no matter what shape or form they may be.
Whether this is:
 Your newest outfit you received that you'd like to model off but haven't had a reason to yet
A montage of the style staples you couldn't live without
Your favorite Outfit Of The Day from the past
 What you're currently wearing today
Even a picture of you as a child in the dorkiest of hot pink windbreakers and matching visors
This link up is entirely open-ended to fit whatever you feel the best in!

Here are my own faves:
I decided to create a few collages of my favorite everyday pieces since the closest thing to a fashion post I put together involves a full length mirror attached to a closet door and my iPhone.

The tops: 
On a regular basis I tend to keep it pretty casual. I feel the most comfortable in a striped long sleeve tee, a hoodie, or a soft sweater. My dresser is packed to the brim with boring basic tops like these. Being a nanny finally gives me an excuse for all of them since anything too flowy or pretty will end up covered in spit-up or smushed broccoli.Fashion Favorites Tops

The bottoms:
Nothing too out of the ordinary here either. I live in jeans normally - I still rock the American Eagle classics like my true 17 year old self. They're the only ones that seem to keep my badonk covered. If I'm feeling lazy slash ate too many gummy bears the night before I'll go straight for the leggings or yoga pants. Once in a blue moon (that sounds good right now) I'll venture into some colored or white skinnies too.
Fashion Faves Bottoms

The shoes:
Sandals from Target in the summer, slippers while in the apt (or running across the street to get my eyebrows threaded), Sperry Topsiders if I'm feeling like tying laces seventeen times a day.
But 75% of the time you'll find me in brown leather boots. I'm pretty positive they go with just about anything.
And we can't forget my beloved Hunters. Those and a tutu and my life would be made.

The accessories:
Oh my Longchamp. My beloved Longchamp. That thing owns the keys to my heart. I got it for Christmas two years ago and I have worn it just about every day of my damn life since. One day I will dedicate a post entirely for that thing but for now let's just say you should go get one.
You can also find an infinity scarf wrapped around my neck as well as my white Michael Kors ceramic watch attached to my wrist just about every day as well.
Fashion Faves access

And there you have it ladies, my fashion favorites. Nothing too outrageous. Nothing too pricey. Nothing that really screams "Fashion Blogger" what so ever.
I'm looking forward to seeing all of your own favorite outfits and pieces so...
Now it's your turn to link up!

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