Confessions: Instagram Style

I confess...

That Yankee Stadium holds a special place in my heart normally, but add in this heavenly blanket of snow and I could live there forever.

I contemplated stealing their carpet for my own living room.

I also contemplated dumping out all the Dum Dums in this bowl and stealing it instead. I'm sensing a problem here...

I'm still trying to figure out a way to keep puppies puppy-sized forever. I'd easily be rich.

I entered a severe state of depression when my fair isle flannel sheets had to be packed away.

I'm just a beer and blue jeans kind of girl, through and through.

That after three weeks of having a broken link in my watch I finally had it fixed. Two hours later I realized the battery had died. Therefore I'm still without MK in my life. Huge problem.

That there is nothing cuter than teeny bows on teeny baby tootsies.

That walking along the East River in Manhattan will do your body good. Just don't jump in, you'd probably die on the spot.

I may or may not be more excited for my bestest to be engaged than she is. Typical.

I'm convinced bananas and strawberries do some sort of magical dance when they're blended together.

I look like I belong in an Osh Gosh B'gosh ad when bundled up for zero degree temps.

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