Coming In 2013...

These are not New Year resolutions, I repeat, these are not New Year resolutions things I will post on Facebook on the first day of the year and completely forget about on the second.

Instead, these are thirteen things I would like to accomplish in the year 2013. Goals, benchmarks, things to do, places to see, etc.

And since the beauty of Blogland allows me to be able to go back and read these any time I want...maybe, just maybe they'll actually have check marks next to them in 365 days. Guess you're going to have to stick around with me until 12/31/13 to find out if I do now, huh. 

Here we go: 13 in 2013

Take an online photoshop/picture editing class.
(So I can stop boring you with shitty iPhone pictures and possibly remove the beer bottle that seems to be constantly attached to my right hand)

Have a Harry Potter marathon weekend and watch all eight movies in a row.
(I'd include the nine bags of popcorn and thirteen packages of gummy peach rings in here too but we all know I don't need to write that down to make it happen)

Lose ten pounds.
(Ideally just tone and tighten up all the areas that now jiggle around while driving on bumpy roads)

Reach 1,500 GFC followers in Blogland.
(Welp, only 850+ to go...gotta go big or go home right)

Visit Lil Broski in Boston and go to Fenway Park decked out in my Yankees gear.
 (As well as attempt to not have a hot dog thrown in my face by an angry Sox fan)

Buy myself a new laptop.
(Because Mr. Dell circa 2007 just isn't cutting it anymore)

Finally reach that pretty little number of thousands that I'd like to see in my savings account.
(If only I didn't have to shell out the price of a MacBook every month for rent I'd be there)

Take a trip to Chicago.
(And take an obligatory picture in that big silver bean like all the cool kids do)

Go row boating in Central Park.
(Preferably in the rain so I can pretend my life is "The Notebook" for just an hour)

Visit the Met and the Museum of Natural History here in NYC.
(Because I'll kick myself in the asshole if I don't ever do it while living here)

Go on vacation to the Caribbean and sit my ass in the water, toes in the sand.
(No explanation necessary/I'd be happy if this is the only one on the list I complete)

Conquer ten new recipes in my crockpot.
(Since I just now might be getting bored of my usual Crackpot Chicken one...keyword being "might")

This one's a secret. Maybe I'll tell you what it is at the end of this whole thing.
(Then again maybe I won't, muahaha)

What are you going to accomplish in 2013?

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