An About Me: Five Things In Five Ways

I've noticed that I've gained a few new friends around these parts recently.
So first off, HI, my name is Erin and I am a Blue Moon/Riesling/Crappy reality tv/Mexican food - aholic.

Secondly, I'm glad to have you and I promise I won't bite. 
(Unless you're rude and/or don't like puppies)
Random picture of cute puppy to make your heart smile

Thirdly, I figured I'd talk about myself today (because I obviously don't do that enough as a blogger) to give you a bit of an idea about who I am and what makes me tick.

So we're going to play a little game of fives. Five things for five different categories.
The idea came from Nikki from Glossy Blonde who originally discovered it on Fashion Chalet.

Feel free to steal the prompts like I did and play along so I can get to know you.

Five Things You'll Find In My Bag

1. My iPhone. That is if it's not in my hand, which 95% of the is.
3. A brush, because I'm positive my hair was genetically designed to blow at the first sight of wind.
4. Wallet, I mean duh. This 12 year old needs her ID on her at all times to get into bars see 'R' rated movies.

All the crap goes in here: Longchamp in Graphite - aka my third arm since it's always attached to me


Five Things You'll Find In My Bedroom

1. Eight (or more) pillows, because a bed just doesn't smile if you have any less.
2. A DIY "I Love You" canvas
3. Eleventy thousand scarves. I hoard them.
4. Summer clothes, bags of Christmas decorations, and a tutu stuffed under my bed.
A guy once asked me if I got the duvet set passed down from a late on their decorating sense.


Five Things I've Always Wanted To Do

1. Go swimming with dolphins. I've done wild ones but I want Sea World ones.
2. Be able to magically not look pregnant after drinking three or more beers. God damn beer bloat.
3. Marry Eva Longoria and/or Minka Kelly and live happily ever after.
4. Be a mom.
5. Go to Australia and see a Platypus plus possibly steal a Joey.
So small and fluffy I could just die.


Five Things I'm Currently Loving

1. Every song by Imagine Dragons and The Lumineers.
2. Living in the greatest place in the whole world - New York City.
3. Talenti Mediterranean Mint gelato.
4. The fact that my skin is dry, ashy, and practically transparent.
5. Bags of cheddar cheese popcorn the size of my entire body.
I'm an extremely healthy eater as you can tell.


Five Random Quirks I Have

1. My left eyeball is 1/3 brown and 2/3 hazel. It's a birthmark that started growing when I was little.
2. I don't like bread. Or anything doughy/floury for that matter.
3. I get really mad when people press elevator buttons after they've already been pressed. 
4. I have four less teeth than the average human.
5. Sometimes when I attempt to run my ankles completely give out and I wipe out on the ground.
Doctors thought I was going to go blind. Guess not....