A Recap and A Brand New Link Up

Here's my Bachelor recap from last night's premier in one word:
I must say I was expecting more after that 200 month hiatus.
But thank you to Ashley P. (and her use of the aforementioned word) for being the highlight of my Monday night. 
Good lord girl, you either need to check yourself into rehab...or come sit next to me and be my friend. 
There I said it. Girl was a hoot.

But back to the rest of my first episode opinions:
Didn't like a single damn dress out of the limos. 
Didn't stop once to say "Damn I wish I was that pretty". 
Didn't piss my pants laughing, only tinkled  a tad when Shades of Slut tripped down the stairs.
But DID want to throw quite a few bottles of meds through the TV at those looney bins.

I'm not exactly sure why we're even having a show anyway since Kacie B and Sean are the most perfect couple to ever exist in my head. I mean I said this way back before Sean was even picked when I saw them tweeting to each other.
Both normal, All-American, southern, Bible obsessed sweethearts.
Let's be done with it already.


One of the options I throw out for my monthly sponsors is coming up with and participating in a group link up. It's way more fun than the usual sponsor guest posts and something that other bloggers actually pay attention to since they can get their posts out to more people.
This month I have some great girls who, like every other chick on the planet, enjoy clothing.
So I came up with "Fashion Favorites"!

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink 

It's a link-up for the fashion bloggers who never miss an OOTD and carry their tripods to the nearest open field to snap pictures of themselves.
But it is also for the bloggers who make fun of these fashion bloggers for staring at who knows what on the ground and constantly placing their hands on their faces.
No matter which category you fall into you're still wearing clothing right? And most of us tend to sport things that we actually enjoy wearing, so either way this will be right up your alley.

What it's all about:
Your favorite fashions no matter what shape or form they may be.
Whether this is:
 Your newest outfit you received you'd like to model off but haven't had a reason to yet
A montage of the style staples you couldn't live without
Your favorite Outfit Of The Day from the past
 What you're currently wearing on the day of the link up
Even a picture of you as a child in the dorkiest of hot pink windbreakers and matching visors
This link up is entirely open-ended to fit whatever you feel the best in!

A flashy statement necklace paired with your newest J.Crew chunky-knit sweater? - Fabulous
Your pink polka-dotted tutu from your 6th grade birthday party? - Even better
Your husband's comfy black sweat pants with your kid's snot stains all over them? - Perfect.
Anything goes!

When it takes place:
This THURSDAY - January 10th, 2013

Who is running this thing with me:
Marianna - Delightfully Dunn

What you'll need to do:
 Get your post ready to go (or even link up a post from the past)
Follow all of the Co-Hosts
Spread the news to the rest of Blogland (because we'd love you for it obviously)
Jump around to other blogs to see their fashion favorites
Grab the button and put it on your post

Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink

We hope to see you all this THURSDAY showing off your stuff!