A Call For Help

I need some good ol' blogging advice over here.

Your input and opinions would be muchly appreciated in this moment of turmoil so put your honest abe pants on and give it to me straight.
When I began blogging I vowed to never have a "Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink" Facebook / Twitter / Instagram / Sign above my headboard.

And now, quite a few months later...I'm rethinking one of them.
The sign with my blog name in flashing lights above my bed would be that "one".
I'm kidding.

No but seriously, it's the Twatter business that's been keeping me up at night, not the bright signage. You see, I originally thought it was silly and stupid to have a Twitter solely for my blog.

***Now don't stop reading and go post hate down in my comment section because I know 15/16ths of you all have a blog twitter.***

I thought this in the beginning because I had no idea that it actually had advantages over what I currently do. I have had my normal twitter handle for quite a few years now and that's the one all of my new bloggy friends have joined into. That's the only one I have. You all see the same things that my best friends of umpteen years see.

When I started out blogging I was all like:
"Why in the hell word would anyone ever have a twitter just for blog people?"
"Isn't that so much more work?"
"What in the hell would I ever tweet about?"
"Are there really that many other bloggers that would follow just a blog twitter?"

Well the answer to that last one is apparently a big fat yes.
You can tweet your blog posts, tweet awesome posts by other bloggers, post giveaways, send out delightful things about your sponsors, ask bloggy questions, send hugs and kisses to your favorites, and the band marches on...

But I feel like I'm in a pickle now that I realize this.
A big juicy dill spear pickle (because that's the kind I'm currently chomping on).
And there are two reasons why:

 I have absolutely ZERO desire to inundate my "real life" friends and family with all of the, let's face, it "crap" in Blogland.
They just don't get it guys.
My real life friends don't know any of you. They could probably care less about a giveaway for a ten dollar Starbucks gift card.
And I haven't really ventured over into the land of "I want to show my silly little blog off to hundreds of people that I do see in person" yet.

Some friends know about my blog.
Some read openly.
Some tell me they love it.
Some pretend that they don't know and stalk anyway.
But the majority don't and I don't have any desire to broadcast all of my (and your) blog things to them at this point.

If I did create a "Shades of Gray and a Pinch of Pink" Twitter handle so that I could tweet about all of the fun blog stuff then what happens to all of my blog friends that follow "ErinEGray"?
Do I tell all of them to shuffle on over to the new one?

And if I did actually make a blog twitter then I would obviously still tweet my normal thoughts about things like annoying bus rides with old ladies who eat warm cottage cheese and/or seeing homeless mens' peepee parts on the street like I do on my normal twitter.

So what exactly is a girl to do?
Tweet the same damn tweets on two separate accounts...that seems a bit dramatic.

***All in all, I don't think it's fair to my non-blog twitter followers to have to constantly be inundated by blog related tweets.
And I don't think it's fair to my blog twitter followers to not get any blog-related tweets just because I don't want IRL friends to have to see them.***

Does that makes sense?
(Please tell me it does because I also just whipped out a class of Riesling after that pickle.)
So this is where I need your help.
Do you have just a blog twitter that doesn't house any IRL friends?
Do you have a twitter that houses both IRL friends and blog friends?
Do you have two separate twitters to house them separately?

Give me your opinions ladies.
Fill me with advice on which you are more interested in following.
Because as you can see I'm a little distressed over here!

P.S. if you have a Twitter come say HI