Welcome To My Wednesday

Aka two days after a Giants LOSS to the crummy Redskins.
Apparently this tee needs to be thrown straight into the trash because it brought an entree sized portion of penalties with a side of crappy defense to my world last night.
You shouldn't care about this at all unless you A) Like the Giants or B) Would prefer me not go into hibernation come playoff time in January.
And from football we take it into naked ladies strutting down the runway.
Welcome to my Wednesday.
Aka one day after the Victoria's Secret Fashion show.
But instead of starving myself with a dinner consisting of a half can of tuna and three carrots all while dusting off my gym membership...
I consumed all of this:

A hefty bowl of Cap'n Crunch (with zero scrapes on the roof of my mouth thank you very much), a bag of Cheetos, Ghiradelli chocolate that arrived in my Cosmo Voxbox, and a bag straight from the Wegman's bulk section of gummy peach rings.
And I still have zero desire to get myself on a treadmill tomorrow.
This is how it's done ladies.

And from getting fat while watching skinny supermodels we take it to another place where I want everything I can't have.
Welcome to my Wednesday.
The day we do some Pinning with The Vintage Apple.
You know the drill - here are some recent ones from the last couple weeks:

Do you not just die over these gold patterned pillows?

This little number has my eyeballs swooning

One day I WILL have a tufted headboard

What a stud
Glamazon to the maxazon
Source: tumblr.com via Erin on Pinterest

New Years Eve number maybe baby?

I need a front door just so I can paint it

And I need a wrinkly pudge face just so I can swing it
Source: thechive.com via Erin on Pinterest

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How's your Wednesday lookin?