Weekend Update

 While I was home for Thanksgiving I did quite a bit of shopping. This wasn't your usual crazy Black Friday shopping, though. Instead I went grocery shopping.
I am super cool, I know.
Glad we got that out of the way.
But I chose groceries over shiny new shoes and electronics because my parents were coming to NYC this weekend and that meant that I could go to Wal-Mart and fill an ENTIRE CART with groceries and have them arrive at my door step for half the price.
None of this buying three bags full of overly priced items and lugging them up 1st Avenue to my apartment kind of b.s.
I could get a box of cereal for two bucks instead of seven.
Campbell's soup for $1.50 instead of $4.00.
And they were going to be transported in an actual car by the parentals. Fantastic.
It's the little things that make me happy in life.
This much is most certainly clear.
Unless you are a city dweller too and then this would make perfect sense to you and your sore chafed plastic bag carrying hands.
So, long story short - the parentals were here in NYC this weekend.
They were my excuse to do touristy type things. Which is 3/4 of the reason why I actually have pictures and things to write a legit weekend update post about today.
My parents aren't just good for transporting groceries they're also good for blog post material.
So we went to the Holiday Market in Union Square.
It's gigantic. There are over 150 vendors that sell everything from beef jerky to winter hats made out of Alpaca fur. There are people everywhere and it's about as big of a tourist trap as Times Square but it's fun to see all of the unique things being sold.
Like whatever the heck all of these hanging trinkets are...

We also took the Subway down to Canal St. so I could show them Chinatown and Little Italy.
We're not the type of family that claws their way through random piles of knockoff handbags and watches.
So we checked out the fish market instead.
Smelled worse than a fish taco - and I'm not talking about the kind you eat.
I was particularly in love with the big box of crabs
but their beady little eyeballs bug me the flip out so we moved on to Little Italy.
And that is where you will find the most delicious little nuggets of creamy goodness.
I'm not sure which I like more - crab legs or canolis.
Kinda like deciding between Blue Moons or Puppies. Impossible.
We obviously headed to the bar on both Friday and Saturday nights.
I mean where else would my love for beer and sports bars come from?
My rents have been known to get down until 4am here.
They're much cooler than me and my grocery shopping apparently.
We saw these pretty lights for days while walking to one of the bars.
I also told them about how ridiculous Christmas tree prices are here.
Take this $4.00 "branch".
You see, I have always just assumed that the random tree clippings that you cut off are free.
And since a freaking two foot branch will cost ya four bucks...you can only imagine what your average tree will run you.
Oh you can't? Well my Dad has you covered because he (of course) had to ask the dude selling them.
Your average eight footer? Oh just 360 dollars.
Your jaw just dropped didn't it.
An eight footer in Upstate NY would probably set you back 23 bones - so this news was just way too much for my parents to wrap their heads around.
Moral of the story:
If you're thinking about moving your butt to NYC then just back that thang up and don't.
Seven dollar cereal boxes and three hundred dollar trees.
It's just wrong.
But if you didn't move to Manhattan then you also couldn't experience this lovely little monstrous number whenever your cheery heart desired.
The famous Rockefeller tree lit up in all of it's colorful glory. It truly is beautiful and if you are ever in the city during the holidays it's a must see.
There is also a fun light show on the Saks 5th Avenue building right across from the tree.
They light up the facade with an in-motion video type thing. It was pretty neat.
And that was my weekend, ladies and gentlemen.
I hope yours was just as fabulous and fun filled as mine!
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