Weekend By The Hour

Weekend update posts kind of annoy me.
I mean, yes Blogging is somewhat of a selfish hobby to begin with thinking that everyone should be interested every time you eat frozen yogurt or attempt a new DIY project, but let's be serious - my life isn't really all that exciting all the time.
So posts about my weekend tend to turn into more of a chore.
Partly because I'm usually still nursing bruised shins and a half dead liver with a gallon of yellow Gatorade and bottle of Advil, but also because it just takes effort to remember and recap all of the things I did for two days.
So when Erin decided to tell us to document our day through pictures I jumped right on top of it.
Pictures are easy. Effortless. Fun.
They require minimal words to get the point across which I love.
Which also doesn't make sense because I'm a "blogger" and that's what we do, we write words. A lot of them.
But not today my friends. Today you're just getting a "Photo Journal" of my weekend.
Enjoy. It truly is fascinating.
Friday night
Fair Isle leggings, a cozy blanket, and The Grinch equals true happiness.
Way too early to be awake let alone sitting on the bus
heading to go babysit an infant.
Playing with the little lady's adorable toys because
everyone's still a kid at heart, right?
Taking a little stroll along Central Park on a drizzly and gloomy day.
Harry Potter marathon while the little bit napped.
A trip to Home Goods because my inner Martha Stewart just won't subside.
Spotted this badass bulldog who was apparently way too cool
to do such a mundane thing as walk.
Heading back home to the quaint row of Brownstones right along Central Park West.
I will own one someday.
Showered all the icky baby spit up down the drain.
Dinner at Rosa Mexicana and shots of tequila. It took every ounce of my moral being 
not to stuff this little babe of a shot glass into my Longchamp.
A little wine pregame to prepare to do the exact opposite of what that label says.
All dressed up ready to take on the city...and quite a few beers.
The next morning 
Death by hangover turned into pro camouflaging.
And that's exactly where I stayed until the Giants game.