Twofer Tuesday

I caved. I'm finally one of those box girls.
Something I swore I'd never be. Because, quite frankly, I think they're annoying and I skip right over every post that reviews them.

But this one's different.
That's because there are an extra four little letters named F-R-E-E that make this one all worth while. Because those four little letters mean I feel another four little letters named L-O-V-E.
It's called Influenster.

And this is what I received this month in the Cosmo Vox Box:

Venus Embrace Razor:
I've been using Venus brand my entire life. Ever since I was a younger version of myself shaving before I even had hair because I thought it was a cool thing to have to do.
Yeah, take me back to those days...

Venus and Olay Cartridge:
I haven't used this yet since I drag out my razors for as long I can possibly muster.
What? Those things are expensive in NYC.

Forever Red Perfume:
At first I thought this came straight from TSwift herself.
So I almost lost my shit looked closer and realized it was from Bath and Body Works, tried it on and actually loved it.
Perfect purse size proportion for when I run out the door after forgetting to spray myself.

Pilot Fuxion Pens:
Really? Pen samples?
You're lucky this box is free I actually needed a new pen for my junk drawer because this is lamer than reindeer poop in your stocking.

Gihradelli Sea Salt Chocolate:
If you remember correctly, I ate this during the night of the Victoria's Secret fashion show.
Along with quite a few other things.
The salty and sweet combination is killer. On your taste buds and thighs.

And that right there is the fastest "review" you'll ever receive about a box.
Oh, and I also have five invitations to give out for you to become an Influenster too.
So if you want a free package in the mail then hit me up!

Disclaimer: I received all of these products from Influenster but all of my opinions are truthful and my own.


One point five:
The Blogger app for iPhone is the biggest pain in the asshole I've ever experienced.
I've never experienced one of those.
I couldn't tell you how many times I've written a post only to go publish it and then realize half of it is missing (or it's just completely vanished all together).

Also, how the heck do you move pictures around in it?
I can upload them in but are they only allowed to just hang out at the bottom?
Lame dot com.
Some computer geek needs to fix this, pronto.

Today I have Steph on the blog from Bourbon and Glitter.

This would be her and her dog Hawkeye.
Apparently she went to school in Iowa (wherever that is) and decided to name the furry little snugglefest after their mascot.
That, my friends, is some dedication to your Alma Matter right there.

I must say she's pretty damn awesome.

I mean, for one she has alcohol and glitter in her blog name.
That beats the crappy one I pulled out of my ass by ten fold.
For two, the girl also cooks alcohol cupcakes (say what?!) every month.
And for three, she lives in Chicago which is a city I have been wanting to visit for quite some time now.

So combine all that and you have yourself a blogger you should definitely get to know.
She was all about just giving something away to all of you readers (how sweet of her) but I was like not so fast, they need to know MORE about you. More, I tell ya, more.
So I gave her five easy peasy questions to answer in order for you to get to know her a little better.

If you had to pick one single food/drink to sum up your personality what would it be?
Like my blog namesake, I'd have to say bourbon - Kentucky bred and loved dearly by many, but certainly not for everyone!

What is your go to outfit?
Always jeans. I'm definitely the most comfortable in jeans, flats, and a sparkly top. I think my friends would be shocked to see me in anything else.

If you won the lottery tomorrow what would your first purchase be?
Well the first bit of money would have to be paying off my student loans, but I have a lot of fun purchases in mind - first up would be a town car and a driver!

What is your biggest pet peeve in life?
I did a whole post on my biggest pet peeves, but the one that currently tops the list - Nicki Minaj. Sorry Nicki lovers, I just cannot take it!!

Do you have any strange quirks about you?
Maybe not strange so much as awesome, I can peel a banana with my feet. I know you were dying to know that.

And now you are all wondering how the hell someone peels a banana with their feet aren't you?!
I will always tell you I love my sponsors but I can't guarantee they'll be the most normal.
Just kidding, Steph is great.

So great that she decided to give away
$10 in Paypal cash as well as a Large Ad Space
 So go enter and be sure to check out her blog!