Time To Blog Hop

 Once upon a time I signed up to co-host a blog hop with Melissa.

Seventeen chapters later I had forgotten that I signed up.

A couple pages after that I received an e-mail from her telling me it was my time to co-host.

Today is the day the hop goes live.

Today is also the day you check it out and meet some fancy new blog friends.

And then we all lived happily ever after.

The end.


The Rules:

1. Follow your host via GFC: The First link below

2. Follow your co-hosts via GFC: The Next 8 links below

3. Link up below using your main blog url: Not a specific post.

4. Visit some of the blogs in the link up and follow them via GFC: If you want to leave them a comment, I'm sure they'd appreciate that as well.

5. Tweet about this blog hop:
6. Share about this blog hop: Grab the button and put it on your sidebar!