There Are No Words...

That can adequately describe how I've felt since last Friday.
There are just stages.
Disbelief came first.
Just sitting on the couch staring at the news unable to comprehend it all. My taco shells started to burn in the oven, the fire alarm started screaming at the smoke, but I just sat there dumbfounded.
I couldn't wrap my head around the madness. It made no sense.
Never should you ever have to think about saying your last goodbyes to your child before dropping her off at Elementary school.
Anger came second.
I remember tweeting something about being livid. How someone could live with a soul that digusting, that evil, that malicious was beyong me. How it could be humanly possible for someone to not only murder their own mother in cold blood but then still feel the need to go shoot children.
Innocent little babies.
With families, and baby dolls, and juice boxes packed in their lunches.
And then after commiting such unspeakable crimes that same person chooses to do the most cowardly and selfish thing imaginable by taking their own life.
Dispicable. It truly makes my blood boil.
Sadness came quickly after that.
All of the little lives that barely had the chance to live. The parents running up that hill having all of the hope in their hearts to see their children's faces only to collapse to the ground in horror.
The teachers who heroically put their lives on the line for the sake of their school.
The stories of the survivors. The faces flashing across the screen. The speeches from our President.
Tears were shed several times.
And now all that's left to do is remember all those that were lost, help everyone that remains, and most importantly react and bring changes to our world so that nothing like this ever happens again.
The blogging community decided to hold this day as a moment of silence dedicated entirely to the Newtown community. I couldn't quite remain perfectly silent but I did save my thoughts until today so that it could accompany the rest of the Sandy Hook posts.
The picture below includes a website that allows you to donate directly to the victims' families if you feel so inclined.

I actually like the idea of also taking part in the random acts of kindness movement that Ann Curry started.
She initially chose "20 acts for the 20 children" and it soon became "26 acts for the 26 victims" but I keep questioning the reasons for so many to keep leaving the mother out of the equation.
She was also a victim. She counts. She should be remembered.

So "27 random acts of kindness" in honor of each of the victims is what I will be doing over the next couple of weeks.
Feel free to join in on the movement to bring a little more joy and happiness to the world with me.
We all know that it could use it these days...
And make sure to be grateful every day you wake up.
Hold on a little longer the next time you hug someone.
Take care of each other.
Be kind, be thoughtful, be good.
Because those 20 kids never have the chance to do any of that ever again.