Saw It Pinned It Did It: Let It Rein

This is my first time linking up with the ever so lovely Katie and Steph for
Saw It Pinned It Did It!
I am just as much obsessed with Pinterest as the next lady but I never seem to get around to actually doing any of the things I pin.
Apparently I just live in this fantasy world of what I think my life is like instead of it actually looking like it. But that's just fine. I can roll with it.
And for my first ever link up I'm even kind of cheating because I technically did this ten minute DIY project last Christmas before I started blogging.
But I did do a different project recently that is basically the same thing so I'll show you both and make it a little more up to date.
I'm sure you've all seen these cute little things around Pinterest.
When I saw them last year I just knew that I had to make them happen.
 I mean how easy of a project to get such festive results, right?
And it includes beer? Can't go wrong there.

I guess Michael's was out of brown pipe cleaners last year and it's basically the biggest pain in the ass ever that craft stores don't sell pom poms in separate colors but hey I worked it out.
A few hot glue burns and a train ride to Queens later these were a hit at a friend's get together.

Bud Light shmud light.
I've become a beer snob lately and think BL's taste like chalk.

I digress...

After taking all of my Christmas decorations out of the closet this year I came across my leftover pipe cleaners and googly eyes so I decided to make another Rudolph. Except for this time I turned a plain old candle into a deary instead of beers.
(The fridge was a tad low on the beer front when this project took place since it was after a weekend or I would've just made more Reinbeers)

I took some rope and hot glued/wrapped it around the candle for what seemed like for-ev-er.
Could have used those beers right this point.

Then it looked like this.
All wrapped up in it's brown and hairy glory.
And that would be my pint-sized pink glue gun. Love.

Then I added the antlers, eyes, and nose just like I did for the beers and voila a ReinCANDLE.
Yeah, doesn't sound as exciting huh.
But that's fine - it was the perfect tacky type Christmas decoration I was looking for.
Then I stuck him down in some garland, cinnamon scented pine cones and red balls and I had myself a festive windowsill to come home to.

Have you done any DIY pinning projects lately? If so make sure you go link up so I can stalk your ideas and maybe actually get around to doing some of these things.