People That Irk My Tator Tot

Oh, well hello there.
I'm a mouse.
And this has nothing to do with today's post.
But a couple Halloween pictures just made their way off the camera and onto the computer.
Plus I couldn't not post at least one picture in this whole blog post, duh.

So there's that.

Today I'm going to share five sets of people with you that drive me to nuttyville.
If you end up being one of these people, don't hate me for wanting to shake your around a little.
Just remember me as the mouse or something.
 That'll help. I think.

Here we go kids:
Those that don't drive 5 mph above the speed limit.
 Unless you're in a school zone with sixty seven backpack toting teens flying at you then I'm pretty sure you won't end up in jail for pressing on the gas a smidge.
What's even worse is those that go 50 in a 55 and then still continue to go 50 when it changes to a 30.
What are you doing fool?
Those that keep their phones on loud while inside and let them consistently go off.
If it's loud inside and you're at some rager then fine, I get it.
Invite me over?
But if it's quiet enough that I can hear my own brain thinking then there is no need for everyone in the room building to have to listen to every text message you receive every point two seconds.
My misophonia can't take that shit.

Those that don't know how to recycle. 
It kills me.
Maybe my mom taught me better but I thought everyone knew how to do this...
Things with food particles stuck to them can not be recycled.
Wash that shit out.
Cardboard, paper, cans, milk jugs, the Gatorade you downed at 6am after a night out...recycle it.
What pisses me off even more are those that know how to recycle yet think they're too "cool" to do it.
You are what is wrong with the world.
Those that do not know the difference between lose and loose.
 This one's just self explanatory folks.
I'll give you a pass on this one until you're about 13, but by then it's time to lose the loose sense of desire to get your vocab words up to par.
See what I did there?
For anyone under 13 reading this that needs help: You lose your dignity if you are loose.
But that sentence is PG13 rated so I do sincerely hope that you are older.
Those that choose to stand on the left side of the escalator.
No, no, no.
If you want to stand then that's all good and dandy but you must do so on the right side so that people that are in a rush can pass you on the left.
It's just like the rules of the highway.
Grannies and large and in charge buses stay on the right.
Those with places to be and itty bitty hybrids pass on the left.
And there we have my five sets of people that can gladly be taken away by the Mayans next Friday.
I might miss a few of you...but then again I'd have my sanity back.
And I'd be able to drive at a desirable speed and not drown in a landfill of unrecycled garbage too.
Now onto something that absolutely does not irk my tator.

For the past few weeks I've been collaborating with the blog La Mode 365 on fashion and retail sale related posts. It has been a great experience adding my fashion input into a blog other than my own and I've loved getting to "work" with other ladies.
Every month the blog holds a giveaway for all of its readers.
Last month was a gorgeous pair of Sam Edelman booties.
And this month it's a Proenza Schouler sweater which is part of the Neiman's collection for Target.
So today it's your turn to enter to win this fabulous thing:
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