Goodbye World

Today's the day kids. Life as we know it will be over.
It's the last day I'll enjoy all of my Christmas decorations because I'm heading home until after Christmas and as soon as I get back they all have to come down.
See, the world truly is ending.

In order to not be super depressed I went on a little Holiday date night last night.
We went ice skating at Bryant Park. If you ever get your merry butt to the city I suggest forgoing Rockefeller Center and coming here instead. It's (almost) just as pretty. You pay about a third of the price. It has a tree. And most importantly it's less crowded.

All of my Michelle Kwan skating glory came back to me and I had a fabulous time. I just wish the coned off inside area was reserved for little girls like me trying to live out their figure skating dreams to do spins instead of all the people who can't seem to even breathe and stand up on the ice at the same time.

After our ankles started to bleed from the crappy rented skates we headed over to the coziest outside bar area that had a fireplace. With REAL wood! Who knew there could be such a thing in the middle of Manhattan. We got some spiked apple cider and toasted our tootsies with every other tourist.

There are also holiday shops set up in the park and this was one of the coolest.
My dad would have loved it. It was filled with a bunch of characters made out of metal scraps welded together. There were a bunch of Star Wars figures. Even a 10ft Bubbafet (spelling?) (I'm not a Star Wars nerd) that was selling for 12k.

My favorite was obviously the 3ft life sized Wall-E because I'm a Pixar Princess and love that shit. But he was also going for a couple grand so I settled on the miniature sized version who is now sitting on my shelf.

Then we headed home to attempt to build a gingerbread house - fail.
And watch The Grinch (again) because what's a holiday date night without a Christmas movie right?

This morning I'm headed to work for a couple hours before catching the dreaded five hour bus ride back home. I'm supposed to arrive at 7:30pm EST and the world is supposedly set to end at 8:11pm EST. Therefore I better arrive on time because I'd prefer not to die on a crowded disgusting public bus.

Ideally I'd prefer the Mayan's to hold off a bit anyway because the weather is forecasted to look like this.

That would be snow! A few inches of it at that. And we've barely had any here in the city so my Christmas spirit is itching to get a little frost bitten.

I can't wait to see family and friends, snuggle with my puppies slash torture them with Santa hat pictures, drink a little Finger Lakes wine, attend some Christmas Eve parties, get a Giants win, and chow down on a bunch of yummy food!

I plan on putting Blogland on the back burner until after Christmas so I hope you all have a wonderful holiday filled with lots of warm fuzzies and I hope Santa brings you everything you ever wished for.

That is if we make it to tomorrow.