Friday's Letters and Janna's Here!

Dear Victoria's Secret Models: You keep doing you and ignore all those skinny body haters. You aren't walking down the runway hating on size 16's so why does everyone have to hate on size 0's?

Dear Cap'n Crunch: We need to part ways because you are easily going to take me up to a size 24 if we keep going at this rate.

Dear Apartment: I think I'm finally done with the Christmas can relax now. That is until I whip out the mod podge and glitter to start DIYing.

Dear Santacon: I can not handle my excitement for you. Get here. NOW. I'm ready to see Manhattan be taken over by jolly ho-ho-hoes.

Dear Readers: I have a sweet, gorgeous, and bubbly little lady on the blog today! I've asked her to answer five different questions for you to be able to get to know her better so be sure to check her out below.

Hello Beautiful People!

Janna in July 142.jpg

I'm Janna and I just happen to looooooove Erin.

I'm assuming you do too, so obviously we agree there. Now let's say if we agree on a few other topics.

If you had to pick one single food/drink to sum up your personality what would it be?

I would be an Iced Chai Latte. People call me Mama Janna because I am advisory and protective over everyone (my creamy side), but I will never hold back and tell you how it is if you need some tough love (my spicy side). I say "Iced" because it makes me think of summer fun, and I thrive in the summer.

What is your go to outfit?

Bohemian tops over leggings or jeans. I feel the most comfortable in that, and I can dress it up or down. Function and fashion; at least my kind of fashion.


If you won the lottery tomorrow what would your first purchase be?

Well, my "first purchase" would be an investment of sorts, but my first FUN purchase would be plane tickets. I am a travelin' fool normally, so if I win the lottery? Look out world!

What is your biggest pet peeve in life?

Judgement and disrespect. It is completely unnecessary and comes from insecurity, which is makes the person initiating it look bad, not the person they are hurting.

Do you have any strange quirks about you?

If you wake me up abruptly, expect a cold shoulder for the day.
If you get in my way when I have low blood sugar, expect me to snap.
I don't trust many people to drive me, and get anxiety when other people drive.
I'm addicted to blogging. #Truestory

Thanks for having me over, lovebug, and thanks for reading y'all ;)

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Isn't she just a peach? I promise you won't be disappointed if you become her newest blog friend so go head on over and bask in her beautifulness.

I hope you all have a fabulous Friday and enjoy your weekend like it'll be your last because if those Mayans are right we only have two left!

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