Because Everyone's Doing It

Was it Christmas earlier this week or something? I couldn't tell with all of the holiday recap posts floating around Blogland. I mean, I had no idea that the human population traveled to see family, stuffed their faces with good food, received fancy gifts and took pictures of snow on this day. Thank goodness I'm a blogger or I might've missed the whole thing.

I'm a couple days late to the party and I'm currently typing this so I'm going to resort to plopping a boatload of pictures on here and call it a day.

A Friday to be exact. Wanna know how many times I've already forgotten that today is Friday? More times than the amount of shiny red Christmas balls I have to put away in the next couple of days. Can't Christmas decorations stick around for another month or two?

Anyway, here's a little photo recap of the last week:

Hopped off the bus and went straight to the bar to eat this pile of yum in my tumness. Bacon and blue cheese smothered burger with onion rings. I die.

My two bed hogging snuggle bunnies. I'd gladly give up 9/10's of the bed for them.

Cream cheese (veggie preferred) on Garlic Triscuits - the best invention ever. Oh hey Jes.

My baby nephew Dutch's first birthday! Complete with a sideways match stick on a peanut butter covered bone for a cake.

He obviously loves picture time with me.

Burgundy (NOT oxblood) sweater and khaki green infinity scarf for Christmas #1 at Grama's.

The infamous bulk candy section in the best grocery store ever...Wegman's. If I ever become homeless I'm setting up shop in there.

The day I shed a tear because Dutch master fresh had to go back to Beantown with my Lil Broski.

Christmas Eve fun with my sistah from another mistah.

The best present ever: Christmas morning snow and a frozen pond. If only I could still fit into my figure skates...

Leah's first present which took a solid ten minutes to be demolished. She may be named after Princess Leia (my family is SO cool) but the girl's a beast.

Leah's second, third, fourth, fifth, etc presents. Because obviously the dog should get more than anyone else in the family.

Only the best game in the history of games. Warning: drink copious amounts of wine when playing with parentals. Shit gets weird.

A few of the things I purchased the day after Christmas. It's safe to say that I am thoroughly obsessed with stripes. You could put them on toilet paper and I'd probably pay two bucks extra for it.

I got out of town just before the big snowstorm hit at home. As soon as mom sent me this picture I was desperately wishing to transport back.

And that was my Christmas break kids. Add in quite a few pictures of alcoholic beverages, even more pictures of mashed potatoes, corn, ham, chips, etc and you'd have my week summed up pretty nicely.