All Decked Out

I've become a Christmas decor addict.
I'm surprised I haven't switched my shower curtain over to one with ornaments all over it by now. It's gotten that bad.
But I wouldn't change it for a second. This time of the year owns my soul's happiness.
I showed you a couple of my DIY Decorations last week but this week I'm showing you the rest.

This is one of my favorite corners of the apartment.
I found this amazeballs frame on the side of the street while pushing the little man around on one of our many walks. I debated for a solid two seconds on whether or not I should claim it as my own before I picked it up and plopped it right over the stroller to carry it home.

The REAL wreath decked out in white lights hung in the middle of it makes me so happy.
I took about eleventy thousand pictures of it lit up before I said a few wtf's out loud and gave up.
I have no idea how all of you fancy photographers take pictures of Christmas lights.
That shit is harder than trying to open a brand new jar of bread and butter pickles.

As much as the wreath makes my insides wriggle in excitement, my Fair Isle printed flannel sheets give it quite the run for its money.
There is absolutely nothing better than sliding into a freshly made holiday bed at the end of a long day.

Glittery lime green bows hang on the curtain holder-backer do-hickeys.
Might need to vacuum the curtains come January but for now they remain content.

Garland and pine cones and shiny red balls oh my.
P.S. that bland black Target lampshade needs some help.
And when are they going to start making flat screens more visually appealing?

Balls, balls, balls. They're everywhere.
Even in some square glass vases on the sill below these ones.
Gold candles in silver sticks. I am such a rebel.
I also promise that lotion works better when you put it in a sweet little pump like this one.
Plastic Jergens bottles just aren't as cute.

Our girled-out to the max tiny tipping over fake Christmas tree.
(How's that for adjectives?)
Because as I told you on Monday - real trees will cost you more than my left kidney is worth.
So little and fake it is.

I thought you might want a close up of my cones and balls.
My dresser gets pretty sad when I take them away from her after Christmas.
What a slorestitute.

Happy humpday everyone!
I hope your halls are as delightfully decked as mine.